Of Hospital Bag & Nursery

I’ve finally crossed these two from my to-do list, taking advantage of the few long weekends and the short week at work for Rusly.

We honestly didn’t do much for the Nursery cos we probably won’t be using much of it till later since baby will be sleeping with us in the Master Bedroom. We used the Nursery to store her wardrobe and supplies like wet wipes & diapers etc. If i had more time (and energy), i would have prettify it a bit more but this shall suffice for now.

IMG_5547Had to mosaic one of the poster cos it reflects her name. Lol



Designed and printed some posters and slot it in with the frames i bought from Taobao. Looks pretty legit i must say!


I DIY-ed the Pink Box with some leftover cloth so i can use it as diaper storage box. Cantik kan? LOL

So yes, that concludes our Project Nursery. We also managed to fix the stroller and the baby swing thing.
Now i’m just waiting for the Car Seat cover i ordered off Etsy to arrive and then we can fix the car seat in the car next.

Now on to Project Hospital Bag, i’ve packed some necessary stuff. I’m just left with throwing in some last minute stuff like HP Charger, comb, deodorant.. You know stuff that i still have to use now? Lol

I packed all my essentials in the Longchamp bag and then the essential for Daddy & Baby in this free Diaper Bag i got cos it’s so roomy!



I also made sure i ziplock the essential so that it’s easier to find things. Because Rusly will be doing most of the unpacking and you know lah boys. Everytime u ask them to find something, they’ll go “Mana? mana? Tak nampak pun…”

Rina also advised to bring two socks. Because it’ll be quite cold and to quote her, “one of the socks will be bloody and you’ll have to throw it away” Tenks.

You can download my Hospital Bag Checklist here if you’re interested to use it for reference.
It is really your preference on what to bring. Some people think it’s not necessary to bring breast pad & nipple cream but my friend told me the 1st time you try to breastfeed, sometimes your baby will latch and latch for hours and then u might end up with sore nipples. Imagine telling your husband to go buy nipple cream. I’m sure he has no idea how to! So bawak je lah! Lol

Some people bring their breast pump to the hospital as well but i’m sure NUH has it for loan in case i need to use it. I’m fine with that cos i didn’t wanna start sterilising my breast pump in the hospital and all.

So yeah, 39 weeks next week and i’ve been feeling lotsa cramps and backpains but no contractions yet.
We shall wait!

8 thoughts on “Of Hospital Bag & Nursery”

  1. Hi beb,

    im jus wondering kan whether u da choose yr hospital ward.. im coming to 38weeks but so far nurses at kkh tak cakap pape pasal ward admissions.. so mcm confuse cos most people been asking me whether da choose ward ke lum… Thanks


    1. Hello! Yes i have!
      But im at NUH though and they told me to do the admissions at 30 weeks. So i have done all paperworks already. U should ask the nurse asap.. Takut nanti kelam kabut.. Cos nak kena sign a lot of documents and all..

  2. just a tip…the breast pump( medela) at nuh is only one size…which was too small for me ( I didnt know that at that time) so milk production via e pump was so disappointing I thought I failed as a mum. hormones! so if ure more endowed u may wanna get the larger breast shields n bring along for more effective pumping. all e best!

    1. Aaaahhhhh thank u! That was helpful! Maybe i should just bring the breast pump and put it in the car.. Just in case i really need it, at least my husband dont have to travel back all the way with it!

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