Her, The Travel Bug

of the many what ifs?

I’m 2 weeks away from my last day of work here and i can’t wait to throw in the towel already.

I have decided to be a work-at-home-wife, diverting my time and energy to The Card Maison (and my husband of course) like finalllyyyyyyy…

Business was awesome for 2012 and 2013 is gonna be even much more awesome as i had few things lined up and i can’t wait to do it full force.

But of course i had some what ifs and it is especially not helpful when the people around you are contributing to the what ifs list, like it’s a conspiracy to stop me from leaving.

What if i get bored from working at home?
cos apart from my bestie, Liza, everyone else i know works office hours.

What if i get bored being alone at home?
but u know i’ll always have E! Entertainment! lol

What if i’m not bringing in much moolah?
there’s never gonna be enough seriously.

I know i have many other what-ifs in my head now but i’m not looking back.
i’m sure this is the best decision i have made for myself.

Things will work out. I’ll make sure it does.
even if i have to work extra hard for this.

On another note, i just got back from Krabi and i loved it so much!
It is so different from Phuket. Will update on Krabi soon but here’s a teaser!


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