Special Events

triple wham-bam!

Last March, we celebrated 3 birthdays in the family.
my 2nd sister, the 3rd sister and the Mother.

So, triple celebrations it is!
This time round, we held it at Aloha Changi Chalet L.
Huge place but not as creepy as Chalet J, where i held my 25th Birthday party at, 5 years ago. (now that kind of seem ages ago.)

and i used this opportunity to do some DIY!

photo 3

Party flags

Colourful party flags were quite easy-peasy and made a whole lot of difference.

photo 2
Name tags for the food buffet line

photo 4Made some red velvet cupcakes

photo 5

for a DIY candy buffet! Not everything is prepared by me though. Mainly the cupcakes, the deco and glasswares are from me. I gave the cookies recipe to my sisters and told them to bake themselves! lol

I think i could have done a better job with this, if only we had more time.

cupcake toppers!

It was fun designing all these nitty gritty party stuffs so i might introduce it to The Card Maison soon!

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