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Another one off the list

I met this girl at the Daun D’co Wedding Showcase.
She was so soft-spoken, i could barely hear what she’s talking about.
Rizal came lugging a paper bag from either the Royal Sporting House Sale or the Adidas Sale. I can’t remember the exact sale but i remembered that look Rina gave me when i asked her where were they from. hahahaha

Thereafter, she will randomly email me designs she love and i keep telling her “nanti nearer to the date you mesti change your mind”

Confirm lor.

Her final card design does not even look like the 1st design she wanted. hahaha

So early this month, that girl, Rina Ruzanna of Few Stolen Seconds dah jadi bini orang and i mati2 wanna go her wedding even though i just came back from Krabi the day before and Bt Panjang and Marine Parade is not exactly errr near. lol

But why wouldn’t i? I have read her wedding journey right from the start.
(i’m one of those few ex-btb who refuse to move on. haha)
So when the invite (yes, the same invite that i designed for her) arrived at my mailbox, i kept telling my husband, we must go to this wedding ok. I don’t care.
If you don’t want to drive, then i drive we take cab.

So anyway that day arrives and budak pandai ni ter-misplace her wedding invite (hahaha now i know why people had getting expensive invites!) so i had to korek all the previous email with the drafts i gave her to extract the address.

Thankfully, the wedding venue is very near to the carpark because kaki ku melecet case kulit terkopek gara2 nak pakai kasut Rihanna-Inspired aku tu.

Sampai je kat wedding tu, i heard the DJ teasing the couple kat atas pelamin. The next thing i know, i was hearing Rina declaring her loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to her hubby.

my husband kept smiling (pasal bukan dia yang kena pe!)
i tried to contain my laughter because deep inside i know Rina will throw a bitchfit about it after the wedding. lol

We went during the ‘peak period’ so there were lots of guests wanting to take pictures etc so kita bedal makan dulu.

photo 1(1)

Don’t judge me by the amount of food i piled on my plate.
1. Because i have never tried Adam’s Corner. yum yum i especially love the sweet & sour fish. It is crispy unlike some other soggy ones i have tried at some weddings. The ayam masak merah also had lotsa kuah unlike the dry dry ones yang lokek kuah.

2. i skipped breakfast because i woke up late and rushed to the wedding because i didn’t wanna miss seeing the pengantin.

3. After a week at Krabi, i kind of miss Malay food. hahaha
photo 3(1)

Finally a picture with the bride & groom who look so awesome with the green songket. Really love the deep colour and Rina’s handmade bouquet!
Picture is a bit dark because i used my iphone cos i was too lazy to whip out the camera.

Congratulatios Rina & Rizal!
i know your AF came during the honeymoon. But there’s always next week! hahahaha

7 thoughts on “Another one off the list”

  1. MEHHHH rina did throw a bitchfit. actually lepas keluar dari venue dalam kereta i already menyenyeh! fdr cakap it was like hearing a chipmunk declaring her love HAHAHAHAHHAHAA!

    but fdr tak complain about DJ he was more pissed about the karaoke lol! you should have karaoke-d leh!

    but thank you for cominggggggggg babeee!! happy you enjoyed the foood and the “entertainment” LOLOLOL!

    1. Hahahahaha to the RSH sale part. I’m so confident its RSH lor hahahahahahahaha chronic betul orang yang belakang nama ada Zal ni

    2. hahahahha i takut nanti i karaoke, makcik2 letak jawatan! hahaha
      there were so many makcik karaoke surrounding the DJ i also scared! lol

  2. Teehee no judging on the food cause i ate every meat in town too!!! Bangun tros pergi wedding, apa tak kebulur! Dammn i missed the declaration part 😦 haha! agree to the green songket, so nice!

  3. dang! i missed the declaration part. so much hoo-haa going around town about it ey. LOL. and kalau tak bole jumpa u also dyan! i came during her 3rd outfit. 1st batch to naik pelamin amik gamba k! tak buang masa. haha. and right after potong-cake/suap2-macaron part. hahaha.

    1. Yes! I was hoping to see you too!
      but i saw ya instagram.. u came later part of the day!

      Yes u missed the declaration part. u would have seen Rina in a new light. hahahah

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