The Card Maison, The Husband & Wife

2012 has been relatively good.
we got our kitchen done and put in all the finishing touch to the home.
although i do think a few more trips to IKEA would be awesome in 2013. hehe

We also had our 1st Iftar and Aidilfitri together in 2012.

We went to Bali for our 1st year Anniversary. That was our first trip, just husband & wife.
I was expecting us to squabble the entire trip. But it was surprisingly calm. Even though i had food poisoning, the husband handled me well. I’m not exactly pleasant to be with when i’m sick. heehee

I have given up on New Year’s Resolution because i will just conveniently lupakan janji manis diri sendiri, after a week. But i do know what i wish to achieve for 2013.

  • Register The Card Maison. Been putting this off far too long. I think it’s about time?
  • Decide if i want to stay at work (which is starting to get a little bit more interesting due to the new management) or throw the letter and run The Card Maison full time. I’m still a bit on the fence on this, partly because we have no kids now and i *might* be a little bored staying at home alone. Let’s see where 2013 will bring The Card Maison and come 2014, i’ll make that decision.
  • Make babies! We can plan but ultimately, it’s His plan and His gift.
  • More travelling this year, hopefully. Bandung & KL in the 1st quarter. Krabi in the 2nd quarter and i’m hoping we could go Perth / Gold Coast for our 2nd Anniversary. Only if not pregnant yet by then. Because if i am, holiday kat Sentosa pun okay!
  • Be a better Muslimah. There is a lot more i have and wish to learn.

Here’s to an awesome 2013!

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