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The Poster

This is where i placed the Wedding Guestbook Poster.
I hang it at the Pink Room!

I am so glad i decided to do a poster instead of a book. Cos i could hang it, see it and be reminded of the wonderful time i had on my wedding and the people who came, their best wishes etc.

I snapped this last night because i was feeling emo again. lol
i can’t believe it has been 5 months since our Big Day. cepatnya.
Just what have we been doing for the past 5months sey.

and just 5months into our marriage, i now face the makcik2 problem.
“Nari nak masak apa eh.”


DIY Project, Musings of a Bride, The Card Maison

The Wedding Invites – Completed!

Less words and more pictures. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

33 days to the wedding, i am finally done with the invites.
I swear, i am behind time. I am never gonna DIY these envelopes again, not even for my first-born child’s wedding. hahaa

Yes, these envelopes are a killer, but i love it, and that’s all that matters really.

My mom and dad have started giving them away and my relatives love it! *beams*

I’m gonna start giving it out to my colleagues and friends starting tomorrow. Will also be mailing out some tomorrow too to some friends.

Have i told you guys, i just can’t wait to get all this done and over with? Really, the wedding  preps are taking a toll on me finally. But on the other hand, i will miss all these excitement. I am so twisted.

The bestie just told me the other day she can’t come back to SG on my wedding. She’s currently heavily pregnant with her 2nd one and is stuck at Qatar with her hubby, who is currently stationed there. I really, really miss her and as much as i really want her to be at my wedding, i shall not be a selfish friend.

Oh, the misery of having one of your best friend across the world. *sigh*

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The Wedding Cards!

As promised, here’s the design of our wedding cards. I went thru so much before i finally decide that this will be the one. Susah tau.

I have always been my own critic of my own work and even after this was printed, i was still not 100% satisfied with it, mainly the colour because i accidentally saturate it while using my sister’s laptop cos my laptop was down and the saturation of the colours on the cards were not as i expected. It turns out a bit darker. But i love them nonetheless. All the little things and the small details i put on the card, i really love it.

My design:
It has to be pink, of course and i incorporated white in the design and some small details like pearls, heart shapes and ribbons.

Front Design:

The simple front design. I decided not to clutter it with fanciful design or put in truckloads of pictures so i settled for this.

The big picture is his favourite. Paling penting, dalam gambar tu kita tak peluk2 or pegang tangan. Hahaha. I tak nak makcik2 mengumpat time Raya, yo!

The black & white picture was actually one of my favourite. It is simple yet it said what it wanted to say. One.Love. Touching kan?

The white pearls and the pink + sign – mentel! haha

Back Design:

Apologies, i had to pixelate some of the personal details for privacy purposes.
Again, it’s pink but this time round, i used more classic details like the Damask Background, the Scalloped Frames and the Chandelier but i added some cute details cos i cannot help it lah. See that two little heart shapes and the stitched ribbons at the top and bottom? Awesome. hur hur.

Direction Side:

This portion will be pasted on my petal-fold envelopes (will tell u guys more about this later.) Yang ni, i went a lil overboard with the cute details. haha Ada pearls, lace border, ada stripes, ada ribbon, ada hearts and ada Owl lagik!! Semua lah aku letak. Puas hati aku. lol

For the boy, i gave him the same design for the Front Side because he likes it too and for the back part of it and the direction side, everything is the same minus the pearls and the ribbons because it would be too girlish, especially the ribbons.

Have i told you guys i’ll be DIY-ing my petal-fold envelopes?
If you guys don’t know what Petal-Fold envelopes look like, it looks like these:

When it is opened. So that’s where i’m gonna paste my Direction side at.

When closed, it kinda look like a flower and that’s where i’m gonna tampal my stickers at.

Nampak senang nak DIY tapi, after doing about 30-40pcs, boleh rasa lengit dia cam mana. LOL

But it’s ok! It’s only 300pcs cos my jemputan is only 600pax and i saved a lot by DIY-ing my own envelopes!
These envelopes are so costly even if i were to buy it online. Be prepared to pay at least $0.60 each for the envelopes (ni blom campur shipping!).

Rasa2 kalau jari aku macam nak patah, then balance2 tu aku kasi pakai the square envelopes at Popular je lah. Itu last resort ah.

Up till now, belom habis DIY cos i keep procastinating. My guestlist is ready. Cuma nak tulis nama je. I hope i can get everything done before Raya. Kalau tak, pagi raya tu jugak aku main potong2 kertas. 😦

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Sneak Preview: The Invites

I printed a prototype of the cards this morning and while i love love what i have done so far, the perfectionist in me wants more. So i’m gonna tweak a few more, change some backgrounds etc before i finalise the design.

The cards are gonna be square. Not as huge as the prototypes of cos. It is the first square card i’ve ever done! I’ve been wanting to do Square cards for the longest time cos they just look nice lah, but the pe-dengki in me wants it first. So i’m gonna have square cards first and then introduce it to my clients. lol

I’ll also be DIY-ing my Pochette envelopes. All 300pcs of them, i think. (God bless my fingers and the rest of my hands and also arms).

I’m not done with the front part of the card yet. (soon!)
Once that’s covered, i’ll design the stickers with our monograms etc.
Decided not to use that template monogram i posted earlier cos i wanted the whole card to be fully designed by me. Aku sangat ambitious kekadang.

I am just lucky i managed to get the PC up and running already. I have so many back-logs. The laptop crashed on me, so did the Photoshop of course and luckily i had everything backed up on my external hard disk. Kalau tak, menangis lah aku tiga hari, tiga malam.

Oh.. 1 week to go before Ramadhan! I’m excited but ada feeling, 1st day confirm kena ponteng. Macam ada chance tu Aunty Flo nak datang. I can feel it cominggggg. lol

But anyway, i’m excited and sad at the thought of Ramadhan and Raya this year. It’s gonna be the last time i break my fast every single day at home with my family,  kemas rumah, cuci bilik air macam bangla under-paid time Malam Raya, tengok those Salam Lembaran show with my sisters (sambil mengutuk mana yg perlu.)

I definitely will miss that. I will miss part sahur, where mak aku nanti terpekik2 cos aku masih golek2 kat katil padahal dah nak dekat Imsak.

Next year, aku yang kena kejutkan laki aku bangun sahur and knowing him, confirm aku terpekik2 suruh dia bangun. Itu pun kalau aku pun boleh bangun. haha

Oh, have i mentioned how we are spending more time at the new home as compared to our current home? lol

It feels like we have already stayed there already. We held Movie Marathons with some close friends, sampai 3-4 pagi, pas tu semua tertido sampai besok pagi.
I tell you, the couch i have at home now is so evil. Asalkan duduk je mesti ngantuk.

Ok, what was supposed to be a sneak preview to the invites dah jadi panjang berjela plak. :p

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Who to invite?

Click image to enlarge

I saw this somewhere, can’t remember where and i thought it’ll be cool to share!

I think i’ll be facing the very same problem i have always warn my clients about.
I have too many people to invite but i shall be disciplined and just invite those that really matter.

On another note, i can’t wait to see my own wedding card and how it’ll turn out.

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Tip #1 – Invites!

I’ll be coming up with a few series of Tips (which may or may not be beneficial to you).

The first one would definitely be choosing and ordering your invites since it’s something very related to me. lol

It has been 4 years designing invites for people and i have come across so many people, macam2 pe’el, ragam dan sewaktu dengan nya lah.

1. Size do matter
Part ni, bincang lah ngan mak bapak ok because i know the old ones would normally prefer folded cards as compared to a simple postcard.

After you dah determine nak folded or nak postcard, determine the size next, standard would be A6 Size and sometimes you do see the DL size or the 5×5 square cards etc.

I normally would recommend A6 Size Cards cos it’s small and handy, easy for your makcik-makciks to keep in their handbag especially if your wedding is an outdoor location etc.

Lastly, it is of course a cheaper option lah.
Bigger cards = more paper = more printing you see.

I know sometimes you do wanna make a difference but takmo lah mintak wedding card size macam business card. Trust me, i had someone who wanted to order that before. Tu kes pedengki, tak nak orang baca sey.

2. Pictures or no pictures?
Some of the common questions i hear from my clients are “Nak letak gambar ke tak eh?”

Honestly, if it was up to us, i know most of us would wanna do that but kekadang mak bapak, makcik pakcik, nenek atok tak kasi pasal they say:

  • Tak manis, lagik2 pre-wedding pictures yang ada peluk2.
  • Takut orang pakai gambar kat kad tu, pastu bomoh2 kan.
  • Letak gambar kat kad, nanti orang buang kad, muka kita kat dalam tong sampah. adoi.

For me, i will be putting up my pre-wedding pictures and my parents have no objection to it.

If you intend to do so, i hope u take note of some stuffs.

  • Takmo lah letak gambar peluk-cium segalanya. Kita belom kahwin, kalau orang tak mengata kita, orang mengata mak bapak kita nanti pasal the cards will be distributed to your relatives.
  • Take note of what you wear. I had a pengantin who used her studio pic in a low-back halter dress and while her back was not exposed, the sides of her boobs could be seen in the picture. Both of us did not realise it until her auntie pointed that out after she received the cards. So, don’t be surprised but your relative is gonna scrutinise your pictures when they receive it.
  • Use high-res pictures. Never use pictures taken from your phone as the resolution is very low and will not turn out nice when printed.

3. How many?

This is roughly how u calculate your cards. If you invite 1000pax worth of food with your caterer, the general guide is to order 500 cards.

But, i would actually recommend you to order at least 50 extra cards.

Reason being, to order 550 cards in bulk is still relatively cheaper than order 500 dulu pas tu tambah lagi 50 when u realise card tak cukup pasal your mum dah distribute the cards to kawan2 bawah block dia.

Trust me, this happens a lot! You also gotta give and take, in case salah tulis nama etc, at least ada extra cards to fall back on. Takkan nak pakai liquid paper kan.

When u dah de cards, remember to keep a few in your bag cos u are bound to tiba2 bump into an old friend etc yang u carik macam nak rak dulu. So at least ada gak lah card on hand.

However, bila u dah distribute extra cards tu, pepandai lah inform ya caterer k?
But, chances are at least 20% of the people you invited won’t be coming, so sendiri agak2 lah k.

4. Additional ka-chings

Always check with your Card designer if they be providing envelopes, if not, take note of the extra costs that you have to incur for these. Generally, white envelopes will cost between $0.05 – $0.10 depending on size. Coloured envelopes will cost between $0.10 – $0.15 depending on size.

Another thing that brides always forget to set aside $$ for are the stamps.
If you have 500 cards, takkan lah semua 500 cards tu nak hand-deliver kan?

At least 300 cards will have to go thru the mails, so be prepared to spend at least $100 gitu for the stamps?

These are just some tips i can share to all bride-to-be.
You do not need to spend big bucks on cards to make a good 1st impression of your wedding. You just need good taste 🙂


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Decisions and choices

Things are definitely looking up so far.
We have confirmed our photographer, Chase Hasemi last Saturday after a not-so-short meetup with him and his wife.

Both the boy and me felt very comfortable with him and decided to just engage him for our wedding and pre-wedding shoots. I love that we both had that chemistry with him and could talk and crack jokes with him. He seems like an easy guy to work with so we are keeping our fingers crossed definitely.

Like i mentioned before, Photography is one of the things i really recce-ed for and prior to meeting Hasemi, i actually shortlisted a few of the photographers, some of which i met and did not have a connection with and some of them, i did not even have a chance to meet up with.

Knowing me, the boy told me not to meet too many people and just settle with the one whom we have chemistry instantly cos he knew, the more people i meet, the more confused i get and the more fickle-minded i become. Yang seksa dia nanti pasal nak kena layankan aku nya what-ifs and all.

The same goes for the bridal house. I actually shortlisted Lyanaz Bridal and Weddingku Gallery. I met up with Lyanaz Bridal, liked Kak Yatee and confirmed on the spot. Tak sempat pun jumpa Kak Lynn from WKG.

Back to the Photographers, i have actually shortlisted TRQ Irfaan Photography, Anis from Innovazione and Studio 41 (Eyeris Studio).

Alas, we only managed to meet Irfaan & Hasemi. If only we could afford multiple photographers. lol. Machiam paparazzi. Tapi kang nanti mata aku plak sepet, asyik kena flash je.

Hasemi was great right from the start. He was willing to listen to our ideas and explore it and gave out some good pointers that we should take note of. We arranged for our Pre-Wedding shoots to be taken in July, just before Ramadhan so that I would have ample time time to design our Wedding Cards.

Talking about Wedding Cards, i don’t even know how i wanna have mine. Each time, when i do it for my clients, i can throw off ideas to them to get their ideal wedding card designs. But bila part aku, satu benda pun aku tak tau apa nak bikin. I only know that i wanna DIY part of it. Of course not the printing part. But i will most definitely have ribbons on it etc to set it apart from the ones i did for my clients. I probably would take the longest time to design mine cos i can be so anal sometimes. But that’s the fun part isn’t it?

I would also DIY my own Sticker Labels for the favors, the labels for the food etc and I am thinking of what i can DIY for each Guest tables to add our personal touch.

Yesterday, we met with Uncle Jais as well for our deco. I have told the boy numerous times to take a look at their multiply site to get an idea of how the deco’s gonna look like tapi pasal dia busy macam Menteri nak pi election, sampai kita jumpa Uncle Jais pun, he still don’t know how his works looks like.

So imagine his surprise when Uncle Jais showed him an album of his works. Muka dia mcm Menteri baru menang election. He went “woooooahhh!!!!” at every flip of the album.
Buat malu aku je. Kejap2 tanya “betul b, dekni charge $1580? betul??” haha.

Right there, i knew we made a good choice. We chose Baby Pink with a touch of cream and black. I am still contemplating whether to let him have the black chair covers. Sedapkan hati bakal laki ler. Kesian pulak black yang dia suka amat tu setakat setotet net je.
Maybe kasi chance ah kat dia.

Uncle Jais pun best. Such a nice person whom you know, does this for passion and not for money only. I told him of my requests, nak add ni, nak add tu, macam2 lah aku nya request all at no additional charges. Yay!

Up to this point, i’m blessed. It has been pretty much easy and straight forward so far.
Let’s just hope it stay this way!