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The Wedding Cards!

As promised, here’s the design of our wedding cards. I went thru so much before i finally decide that this will be the one. Susah tau.

I have always been my own critic of my own work and even after this was printed, i was still not 100% satisfied with it, mainly the colour because i accidentally saturate it while using my sister’s laptop cos my laptop was down and the saturation of the colours on the cards were not as i expected. It turns out a bit darker. But i love them nonetheless. All the little things and the small details i put on the card, i really love it.

My design:
It has to be pink, of course and i incorporated white in the design and some small details like pearls, heart shapes and ribbons.

Front Design:

The simple front design. I decided not to clutter it with fanciful design or put in truckloads of pictures so i settled for this.

The big picture is his favourite. Paling penting, dalam gambar tu kita tak peluk2 or pegang tangan. Hahaha. I tak nak makcik2 mengumpat time Raya, yo!

The black & white picture was actually one of my favourite. It is simple yet it said what it wanted to say. One.Love. Touching kan?

The white pearls and the pink + sign – mentel! haha

Back Design:

Apologies, i had to pixelate some of the personal details for privacy purposes.
Again, it’s pink but this time round, i used more classic details like the Damask Background, the Scalloped Frames and the Chandelier but i added some cute details cos i cannot help it lah. See that two little heart shapes and the stitched ribbons at the top and bottom? Awesome. hur hur.

Direction Side:

This portion will be pasted on my petal-fold envelopes (will tell u guys more about this later.) Yang ni, i went a lil overboard with the cute details. haha Ada pearls, lace border, ada stripes, ada ribbon, ada hearts and ada Owl lagik!! Semua lah aku letak. Puas hati aku. lol

For the boy, i gave him the same design for the Front Side because he likes it too and for the back part of it and the direction side, everything is the same minus the pearls and the ribbons because it would be too girlish, especially the ribbons.

Have i told you guys i’ll be DIY-ing my petal-fold envelopes?
If you guys don’t know what Petal-Fold envelopes look like, it looks like these:

When it is opened. So that’s where i’m gonna paste my Direction side at.

When closed, it kinda look like a flower and that’s where i’m gonna tampal my stickers at.

Nampak senang nak DIY tapi, after doing about 30-40pcs, boleh rasa lengit dia cam mana. LOL

But it’s ok! It’s only 300pcs cos my jemputan is only 600pax and i saved a lot by DIY-ing my own envelopes!
These envelopes are so costly even if i were to buy it online. Be prepared to pay at least $0.60 each for the envelopes (ni blom campur shipping!).

Rasa2 kalau jari aku macam nak patah, then balance2 tu aku kasi pakai the square envelopes at Popular je lah. Itu last resort ah.

Up till now, belom habis DIY cos i keep procastinating. My guestlist is ready. Cuma nak tulis nama je. I hope i can get everything done before Raya. Kalau tak, pagi raya tu jugak aku main potong2 kertas. 😦

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