DIY Project, Musings of a Bride

Final Sticker Design

I finally, finally got the laptop virus-free again. Banyak2 time, dia nak down, it has to be this period. Time aku nak siapkan kad kahwin sendiri, time banyak pending designs to do. Time tu jugak lah dia nak sakit.

I finally had time to design my stickers for the Invites envelopes. I wanted something simple, yet nice with minimal colours, which can match the black envelopes i’m gonna use.



There you go!

It may not be as nice and elaborate as the pre-designed stickers i featured here but at least it was something i could be proud of and tell my grandchildren about in future. eh melebih pulak.

I’ll be printing these stickers out soon-ish once i am done with all the other stuff i am supposed to do.

Will show you guys the design for my wedding card next!

Selamat berbuka y’all!



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