Musings of a Bride

Oh oh..

I finally realise how close my wedding really is.

The ticker says it’s in 66 days but that still sound kinda far actually until i did some mental calculation.

It’s 2nd week of Ramadhan now (oh, lagu raya dah kluar kat radio u know!) and before we know it, it’s gonna be Raya in September (and also Wings nya Concert, which i’m going. Yay!) and after all the ketupat and rendang, 2 weeks of Raya is gonna pass by (where i will get asked “kau nya persiapan majlis dah siap yan?” many many times, for sure) and before you know it, it’s October, already!

I need to stock up my innershine soonish and finish up all my DIY stuffs and start baking those cookies very very soon and i have not done the prototype for the dulang hantaran and so many other stuffs, i actually freaked out a lil yesterday night.


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