Musings of a Bride

The one who knows me best.

I was trying to clear some of work mails today cos oh well, my inbox is out of space (what’s new). I have a hoarding problem when it comes to emails. I just refuse to just thrash them away. lol

While doing some housekeeping, i saw something dated months ago in December 2010.

click & magnify to read.

At that time, i was on a “dah jelak-nak-makan-ayam” mood. He remembered.

He even remembered i will order Barley when i am at Burger King and Iced Milo when i am at Mc’Donalds.

He remembered i love The Gotan Project even though i only mentioned it so briefly to him years ago and that iPhone thing was so funny. He finds it so irritating that i am so attached to my iPhone. Boleh jadi gaduh ok.

This is the guy who knows me the best and the one i’m gonna share my life with in 71 days. lol  #gedik

p/s: yes, he loves to watch cooking shows and he cooks better than me. Lucky me.

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