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Rizalman Bridal Collection

His latest collection made me go WOW as always. For those who don’t know who Rizalman is, he’s one of Malaysia’s top and finest designer and i have always always admired his collections. The way the clothes fall og so nicely, his good choice of materials and his colours, most of the time are subtle but so stunning!

Here are his latest bridal collections:

It’s simple but oh-so-chic!

So va-va-voom. The neckline reminded me of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress though. This would look so nice for a photoshoot at Tanjong Pagar on a Sunday. lol

Some other pictures from his runway show i took off from one of the blogger walktheberry.

Starting je dah style. sigh.

Swoons and wish for money to drop from the sky so i can buy the entire collection.

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