Musings of a Bride

Why you need to be careful

… and do lots and lots of research when it comes to Catering.
I think everyone would know why. Your food will make or break your wedding. Not the deco, not the many2 baju pengantin. But the food.

Catering also takes up a huge part of your wedding savings and i always tell my friends to be very careful when they engage a caterer.
Try get a reputable caterer or someone who is recommended by a close friend and relative. Even then, you can’t guarantee there won’t be hiccups. To be honest, do expect some hiccups from your vendors, even though they have been in the business for many years, they are also capable of making mistakes too. If it’s a small and honest mistake, let it go and don’t let it ruin your day. But if it’s a huge one, do make sure your family is able to handle the problem for you.

Most of the time, i warn my friends not to take an all-in-on package, that comprises of your favours, cards, deco, DJ etc. Cos if they mess up one aspect of your wedding, the chances are higher, the rest of your wedding will be in a huge horrible mess as well.

Yes, it will require more effort on your part to organise the wedding etc but at least it’ll give you a peace of mind that your big day is not entirely ruined by one irresponsible person

You can read some of the bad experiences that some B2Bs had with their Caterer at Majalah Perkahwinan Forum

(click to read thread 1)

(click to read thread 2)

If you happen to engage any of the Caterer featured in the MP Forum, i suggest you re-look the contract and express your fears to your vendors. At least they know you knew about this incident and listen their side of the story as well. 🙂

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