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Sneak Preview: The Invites

I printed a prototype of the cards this morning and while i love love what i have done so far, the perfectionist in me wants more. So i’m gonna tweak a few more, change some backgrounds etc before i finalise the design.

The cards are gonna be square. Not as huge as the prototypes of cos. It is the first square card i’ve ever done! I’ve been wanting to do Square cards for the longest time cos they just look nice lah, but the pe-dengki in me wants it first. So i’m gonna have square cards first and then introduce it to my clients. lol

I’ll also be DIY-ing my Pochette envelopes. All 300pcs of them, i think. (God bless my fingers and the rest of my hands and also arms).

I’m not done with the front part of the card yet. (soon!)
Once that’s covered, i’ll design the stickers with our monograms etc.
Decided not to use that template monogram i posted earlier cos i wanted the whole card to be fully designed by me. Aku sangat ambitious kekadang.

I am just lucky i managed to get the PC up and running already. I have so many back-logs. The laptop crashed on me, so did the Photoshop of course and luckily i had everything backed up on my external hard disk. Kalau tak, menangis lah aku tiga hari, tiga malam.

Oh.. 1 week to go before Ramadhan! I’m excited but ada feeling, 1st day confirm kena ponteng. Macam ada chance tu Aunty Flo nak datang. I can feel it cominggggg. lol

But anyway, i’m excited and sad at the thought of Ramadhan and Raya this year. It’s gonna be the last time i break my fast every single day at home with my family,  kemas rumah, cuci bilik air macam bangla under-paid time Malam Raya, tengok those Salam Lembaran show with my sisters (sambil mengutuk mana yg perlu.)

I definitely will miss that. I will miss part sahur, where mak aku nanti terpekik2 cos aku masih golek2 kat katil padahal dah nak dekat Imsak.

Next year, aku yang kena kejutkan laki aku bangun sahur and knowing him, confirm aku terpekik2 suruh dia bangun. Itu pun kalau aku pun boleh bangun. haha

Oh, have i mentioned how we are spending more time at the new home as compared to our current home? lol

It feels like we have already stayed there already. We held Movie Marathons with some close friends, sampai 3-4 pagi, pas tu semua tertido sampai besok pagi.
I tell you, the couch i have at home now is so evil. Asalkan duduk je mesti ngantuk.

Ok, what was supposed to be a sneak preview to the invites dah jadi panjang berjela plak. :p

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