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DIY: Hydrangea Pomander Ball

My new DIY project – The Hydrangea Pomander Ball!

I ran out of pink pearlesque paper so i made do with ivory ones as well. Gonna get few more pink papers and complete the balls and make a few more.

I don’t exactly know what i’m gonna do with them but i’ll probably be hanging them in the Bridal room and i’m also considering to do few more of it and get my girlfriends to hold it during the outdoor shoot after our nikah.

Benda important aku malas nak bikin, benda ni aku bikin dulu. lol

Oh, i saw these beauties from blogwalking.

Gorgeous x 1000 Jewelled Silk Flowers Bouquet.

These gorgeous bouquets made my Pomander Balls pale in comparison. Damn!
Tapi cantik kan? Tapi confirm mahal ah.
And they are peonies! Cantik!!

2 thoughts on “DIY: Hydrangea Pomander Ball”

  1. Hi. I’m an avid fan of your blog! Love your posts! Do you mind sharing on hw to create the bouquet tt you just did? It’s so cantik!

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