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DIY Bouquets – Possible?

One of the things i wanna do, apart from the other DIYs that i have been planning to do, would be my own wedding Bouquet.

Lyanaz Bridal will be giving me a complimentary bouquet but because i very mentel, i want two different bouquets instead of one. lol

Getting a bouquet straight from the florist will cost me a bomb (ok, bedek lah) but still, the other time, my friends got her wedding bouquet for nearly $80.00 which is a rip-off honestly.

So, since i’ll be getting flowers from Far East Flora for my dulang hantaran, i might as well grab a few more for my bouquet kan?

I wanted a simple one, but with a diferrent tones of pink.

This would be great cos Carnations are one of my favourite flowers cos it’s sooooo fluffy and it comes in gorgeous gorgeous colours it just makes me wanna romos romos the whole thing and put it near my face.

Another reason why i love Carnations is because of it’s close resemblance to Peonies especially when it’s all bundled up together.

Peony is my favourite flower, but it is almost impossible to find them in October.
Even if i can find it, it would be quite costly cos it’s out of season. Carnations, it shall be and i probably will throw in a Gerbera or two. We shall see.

As for the handle, i will wrap it with ribbons and secure it those pearl pins and adorn it with a fancy brooch and i’m done!

I think this is seriously manageable and if you guys wanna go get something simple for your Photoshoot or anything, it probably won’t cost much as well.

My only concern was the prep works. Like how soon should i buy the flowers etc. How long should i leave it hydrated? Should i submerge the whole thing with water etc?

But, i found a good guide to DIY-ing Wedding Bouquets and i’ll just share some with you.

Flower Prep Basics

The most important thing to do when first getting your flowers is to put them in water! During transit from our growers, your flowers have been without water in a state of “suspended animation” for many hours. DO NOT PANIC if they appear wilted or limp. You are receiving them in the same way that a florist would. To bring your flowers to peak health and beauty, they must be re-hydrated immediately!

  1. Prepare clean vases or containers and clean, sharp, utensils such as clippers, shears or knives. Never use ordinary household scissors. Using scissors will crush the stems and prevent proper hydration.
  2. Prepare lukewarm water (100° to 110° F) mixed with the enclosed floral
    preservative. If your tap water is very soft or very hard, use spring water.
  3.  All flower stems must be re-cut to enable absorption of water. If possible, cut under water or under running water. Cut at least one inch from the bottom of the stem at a 45-degree angle. Remove all foliage that will be under the vase or container water line to delay bacteria growth.
  4. Immediately place the flowers into the prepared water. Do not overcrowd! Store them at room temperature and away from sunlight to let them drink and recover. This process may take up to 12 hours. If any stems still appear wilted, re-cut following the above directions.
  5. If you want to slow the re-hydrating & blooming process for a day or two, use cool water and store flowers in a cool place (Do not store in a refrigerator).
  6. If you are using floral foam material, thoroughly saturate it in water and floral preservative. Place your vase or arrangement away from heat, drafts, and direct sunlight. Do not let your arrangement dry out!

I have uploaded the DIY Guide to my 4shared account. If you wanna know more, you can download the guide HERE.

It’s such a useful guide, rugi tak baca!


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