Musings of a Bride

Fingerprint Guestbooks

I know i’m on a blogging roll. Haha. Mood ni datang sekali sekala je. lol

I found this online and thought it would be awesome!
Especially if you are holding a small private party, even better if it’s a sit down dinner and you have the name-list of the people who are attending.

This one has the names of the people that attends. Either you have their names on the poster and just get them to thumbprint near their name, or you get them to thumbprint and then write their own name on the poster.

Like i said, this will only work for a small-scale dinner or party.

Kalau untuk Reception sunday, korang buat gini, lagi2 jemputan 1000 orang, confirm tu satu poster nampak cap jari aje.

Tu gambar pokok ke kereta ke rumah ke, semua dah tak nampak lagi. lol

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