Musings of a Bride

With only 43 days to go..

I sure am freaking out.

We are 43 days away to the wedding. That’s like 1.5 months to go till we hear the kompang.

Nervous? Yes, i am. But i am soaking in the excitement of it all.
Time really pass so fast, before we all know it, it’ll be end of September already.

I’m so productive today. *pats back*
I called up the Town Council today to confirm that we don’t have to book the nearby void deck to do the cooking and prep work. Cos mine is a link-house kind of MPH and there is a limited space to set up the tentage. Luckily, we don’t have to pay for the space.

Then, i called Starhub to sign up for Cable TV and broadband for our new house. So exciting! Soon, we will be lazy bums, watching E! Entertainment all day long.

I really gotta start my cookies baking soon. Been procastinating for so long. Finish up my invite envelopes and send it all out. So many things to do!

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