Musings of a Bride


Selamat Hari Raya!

Hope the first day of Syawal has been really great for you guys.
It wasn’t as tiring as i thought it would be though. We only visited four houses and i had lotsa fun with my siblings, as usual.

I love Syawal as it brings all of us a lot closer and we always reminisce the stupid things we do as kids. This year, we had a new addition to the family.

Qais Aaryan – My new nephew!

He was well-behaved throughout the whole visiting and next year, there will be a new addition to the family too! *yay!*

Yesterday, i no longer get asked the “when are you getting married?” question. phew.
We talked mainly about my wedding and my new house. hur hur.
Next year, they will start asking me the “Bila nak ada anak?” question. lol

It was awesome, going around giving out our cards to the relatives. It’s gonna be my last Raya as a single. Next year dah double! In fact Hari Raya Haji pun dah kira dah double. Hari Raya Haji pun Raya jugak pe..

Some pictures from 1st Syawal!

My BIG family.


My two favourite girls. My nieces. God, i love them like my own!
It is so quiet when they are not at home. When i move to my own place, i probably won’t get to see them often, since they are currently staying at my mum’s on weekdays. I know i will miss them lots.

My two sisters! I will sharing the room with them, surely and getting ready together each time before we go out for family visits and taking our own sweet time, while the mom start screaming for us to hurry up. I will definitely miss that. Not! lol

This year i didn’t even plan much for my Baju raya. I tailored my baju 1 day sebelum Puasa and got it 2 days before Raya. The materials were actually sitting in my wardrobe for the longest time. I had some black chiffon material and i told the kakak tailor to make an Abaya kind of dress for me. She took some leftover lace patches and did those patchwork design on the dress, which i totally love especially since im only paying $60.00 for that. haha. I also did a simple Baju Kurung Pahang using the songket that the FMIL got for me during my 26th birthday. Itu aje. Malas nak bergaya. I didn’t even wear high heels lor, since we did not go public, so i don’t see any point. I wore my sandals out and to be honest, tak glam langsung!

But i told my sisters, takpe. Kalau akak glamer2 time raya, nanti time kahwin hilang seri. Time kahwin baru boleh jembu2. hahaha.

To be honest, i have enough of the rendang and what-nots. I am gonna continue eating my Yong Tau Foo now. Till October. In a bid to eating more healthily. lol

Lastly, i would like to selit and seek forgiveness from you guys, kalau2 pernah terkasar bahasa, kat blog or kat twitter or kat email or mana2 ah, Sorry yer. Serious tak sengaja!

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