7 thoughts on “Flower-spam”

  1. Hello Dyan!

    I found your website a few months back and yesterday I actually read from the first post and I’m really excited for you! Good luck for the wedding!!

    Your avid blog reader =D

  2. Babe, first picture is india roses is it? Actually what kind of diff does the india & china have? And may i know the name of that fillers that has similar looks to baby breaths on the third pic? Thanks! And congrats on yr wedding!

    1. hey babe, sorry for the late late reply!
      the ones i bought are India Rose, yes! Basically China ones are nicer and and pointy looking petals. India ones has rounded petals and are a bit much cheaper.

      The green fillers i lupa ah nama dia.. Golden something.. but u can find it easily at Far East Flora. 🙂

  3. Hey babe.. I really like your pom pom flowers and actually featured it on my blog..hope you don’t mind! Anyway, I plan to DIY my bunga pahar also..considering to use tissue or yarn. Can you share how you did yours? If you don’t mind la hehe

    1. hello babe,

      Thanks for the feature!
      I used tissues for mine. It’s really those tissues yang used for gift wrapping tau dear not the hard ones called crepe papers at Popular Bookstore.
      Yang tu keras so it wont turn out nice.

      You can try looking at Kin Soon at Arab St. They have lots of Tissue papers for sale.
      But once you found a colour u like, just borong! Cos their tissues run out of stock very fast!

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