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Henna Night

** This is a scheduled post.

I’m drafting this at 5.30am with my phone cos i’m finally done with my henna and i can’t sleep. Oh my, who knew getting ya henna done could be so tiring!

I proceed with the henna service given by Lyanaz Bridal, not knowing it’ll be from Wanie from Pesona Belle. Phew. Love her works!

My girlfriends came and we had a mini hen party.







She started at 7.30pm and finally went back at about 11.30pm. I had to keep my henna on for at least 5-6hrs with no contact of water. I was supposed to wake up at 3am but ter-overshot sampai 4am.

I’m loving my current henna stain and i wish it would stay this colour but we all know it’ll get darker by 2mr. 😦


My palms, when joined side by side will forma heart. Me likes!

8 thoughts on “Henna Night”

  1. Dyannnnnnnnnnnnnnn~ You left with a digit!!! LOL!!! So surreal kan~
    Whatever it is….Ren and myself wishing u best and congrats!!!! It is your day!!! Have loads of fun and please jgn rosakkan makeup k! hehe! Muahhh! xoxo

  2. hey dyan, ive been an avid reader of ur blog for a while. i feel like a stalker sometimes. haha..

    but i soo love the preparations uve done, all the diy stuffs. n im sure tmr will be a blast, insyaAllah!
    congrats!! πŸ™‚

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