The Husband & Wife, The Wedding

Dah halal!

Just a short post cos akak sekarang dah jadi bini orang, dah start busy. Pasal rumah tonggang terbalik. Masih belom kemas lagik!lol

Alhamdulilah, everything went well. A little hiccups here and there but it doesn’t matter much cos there was few unexpected stuff that happened that made me smile on that day.

The boy secretly composed a song for me and sang it on our wedding day. That was priceless and automatically erased all the imperfection that happened on that day. It came as a surprise and i kept crying throughout the whole song. (him too!) lol

I think some of you would have seen some tagged pictures from either mine / lyanaz bridal / chase hasemi / jss deco Facebook. But here’s a bit of pictures till i sit down and write a detailed post on everything.

Here’s a little sneak peek from Hasemi’s album from our Marina Barrage Outdoor Shoot:

Me love all the 3 pictures. I can’t wait for all the pictures!

Till later, ok!

18 thoughts on “Dah halal!”

  1. Awak!!! I suka baju pink tu!!! Cantik sesgt!!!! LOL!!! So bestnya dah halal…embrace it girl….congrats again! xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful deco n I love the pink n blue combo. Sweetness!

    Congrats!! May you have eternal bliss.

    -Lisa, the girl who likes ur pink walls the other time that I commented. ;p

  3. Hi Dyan. Been following your blog for a while now. Just wanna say a huge congrats on your wedding! Looking forward to more posts on life post-wedding. πŸ˜‰

  4. DYAN!!! Congratulations to you both!! The pictures are all all all so gorgeous! Rusly and you look glamorous, gorgeous! The decor is fantastic, your baju looks amazing! May you both be happy always, insyaAllah!

    And looking forward to more pics!!

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