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Tak lama lagi! Yahoooooo

Last week, i received a letter from HDB with regards to my AHG.
It’s approved! *happy dance*

We got a grant of $25,000. May not be as much as the $40,000 but still?
$25,000 is a big deal to us and probably can cover at least 1 year of HDB loan. i think lah.

This morning, tangan gatal, check CPF account and *ka-ching* the grant is already deposited into our CPF Account. šŸ™‚

So now with our HLE and AHG approved, i excitedly called our HDB Officer to arrange for the deferment of our Marriage Certificate.

I’ve emailed her all the receipts this morning and hopefully everything is in order.
Will probably call and ‘hound’ them again later this week.

The customer service officer said i should be able to either:

  • receive the Appointment Letter and collect the keys by this month OR
  • receive the Appontment Letter late this month and collect my keys next month.

Either way, i’m fine with it. As long as i know everything is in order already.

I’m mad excited about this. I have been waiting for the house for so long and i can’t wait to build our love nest slowly. I know it’s not gonna be a smooth-sailing ride for sure. But Insyaallah, we’ll make it through.

I also managed to finish off 90% of my Bunga Rampai holder.
I’m gonna go over to Arab Street on Thursday and buy some small pearl beads to complete the look and i’ll show you guys k.

My next project will be the Bunga Pahar. I am thinking of DIY-ing it myself.
Details and pictures only if i manage to do a decent one.

If not, off to JB i go and buy the 50pcs for RM$30.00 one aje. lol

My bantal hantaran sampai sekarang macam gitu jugak, but my mom promised to help me with it, so i’m somehow safe.

As of today, i’m left with 164 days before the wedding and to be honest, i’m moving really really slow. lol

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