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The Cookie Favor Bags.

Guess what i picked up during lunch?

Cookie Favor Bags from Daiso!

I was all restless yesterday cos the lady from Daiso whom i was liasing with, said that there are no more stocks island-wide. I only asked for 33 packets actually.

I was about to give up yesterday, sedih macam nak apa.
Kept thinking of where i can get pink cookie bags in these sizes.

Today, just before lunch, the lady called me to say there were some stocks that came in. 35 packets to be precise. Happppppy sangat!! Terus mood nak buat kerja hilang, macam nak rush je gi Daiso. lol

So, i picked up these babies when i went to IMM for my lunch just.
Mad happy. I only spend $66 on these bags which total up to 396 bags.

These bags are only for my side-nya favors since the boy nya mum will be doing her own favors. Technically, i only need 300pcs of it but i wanted to do more just in case either side tak cukup berkat.

So, favor bags all settled!

See what i baked last Saturday!

The cookies that i’m gonna bake for my Favors!

This was just a trial-run as it has been quite sometime since i baked them and thank God, i can whip them out perfectly.

I gave them to my Family members and the boy’s bandmates to try. They love it!!
So yeah, baking of all these cookies will start in August and i will store them in the Biscuit Tins that i have at home.

The only thing pending for my Favor Bags would be the Plastic Bag inserts for me to pack my biscuits in before i pack them in the Favor bags, the stickers i’m gonna paste on the Plastic Inserts and the DIY Tags im gonna staple on the Favor Bags.

I can’t wait to finish this project!

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These bantals are not for sleeping.

Remember my post about the white dulang hantaran i’ve managed to secure? Now this is why i wanted a Dulang berkaki, but pasal aku cerewet tak nak silver/gold, kena lah cari merata singapore.

I was browsing a few Malaysian nya wedding blog (I heart them seriously!, budak2 tu semua pro-diy.), and i came across a lot of them trying to DIY bantal hantaran. I had always wanted Fresh Flowers for my Hantaran, cuma tak tau aku ada time ke tak nak gi Thomson beli Fresh Flowers and i was scared it would cost me a bomb.

The idea is to make your own bantal (stuff it with the kekabu and what-nots) and then decorate the hantaran using Fresh flowers and the Oasis sponge.

Ideally, the kain, jangan pakai satin pasal dia licin sangat and takut nanti susah pulak nak handle benda tu. So far, yang aku tengok, tak yah jahit, just glue everything together. Bagus jugak lah, pasal kalau nak harapkan aku jahit bantal, sampai kahwin pun benda tu tak siap.

For the fillings of the bantal pulak, maybe jangan cari yang original punya bulu, pasal tu mahal. Maybe kena cari those synthetic nya. Alah, asalkan at the end of the day, bantal tu gebu2 lah.

Semalam i tried to call Far East Flora (Thomson) to get their pricelist for the Fresh Flowers. The lady said ni harga semalam lah pasal harga bunga turun naik (macam stock pulak).

I love Rose, Carnations & Gerbera the most so i only got those flower nya pricelist but if you are interested in other flowers, can just call their Fresh-cut department at 6251 5151
So far, this is the price she gave me lah.

China – 20 stalks at $13.00 | Malaysia – 20 stalks at $8.00
I know, u be thinking, “aik?? apasal Rose China lagi mahal? Selalu made in China lagi murah pe..”
The difference is actually Rose China lagi lawa. Dia nya tips is pointed, while Malaysia is rounded.
China punya pun kalau kembang, besar and lawa sangat… So kalau you all nya bf or husband kasi you all Rose, pi tanya dia beli yang China nya ke or Malaysia nya ok.

20 stalks at $7.50
I love carnations (especially pink ones cos of it’s pom-pom effects)

10 Stalks at $3.50.
Gerberas always make me happy cos of the bright colours.

Baby breaths:
Big Bundle at $23.00 | Half bundle at $10.00
Yang ni, mesti beli. I feel that it adds a very nice touch to the flowers.

Oasis Sponge:
1 box of 20 pieces at $17.00
This is not the normal green sponge that you all cucuk bunga plastic tu. This sponge is specifically good for you to rendam dalam air and baru cucuk fresh flowers so that your flowers taklah mati siang sangat.

They said delivery is Free kalau kita order more than $30.00 but i suggest you go down to Thomson, pick the flowers you want and then order and get them to deliver nearer to your date lagi bagus then just calling in to place your order.

You can try looking for Betty, such a patient lady, she helped me answer most of my questions =)

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The Pink Gift Bags

I work very near IMM and i go to IMM everyday for lunch.
So, naturally, i will try to go Daiso once every two days. Yes, i love that place that much.

Today, i saw something that nearly made me leap with joy.

Pink Polka-dot Gift Bags!!

There were two sizes available. One is Size S and the other one in Size M.
I bought both cos i don’t know which size would be ideal.

However, lepas dah bukak plastic tu and tenung lama2, i think i prefer Size S better.
Cute sangat and it is just nice for the Favor that i’m gonna give.

I like it cos it’s simple and sweet and because it has prints on it, i don’t need to much with the decoration of the bag.

This is how it looks like bila ada isi. It also comes with this transparent sticker to seal it.
But kalau nak biarkan kosong macam ni, boring pulak.

Kalau nak letak ribbon, takut sarat sangat, because the bag comes with prints and on the bag ada gambar ribbon.

So, while i was googling on ideas just now, i figured why not buat macam ni?

But instead of covering the whole bag edge with the label, i figure, it would be nicer to do it like this instead. So that the sides is till visible. I plan to do up the labels in Black and Pink so that it can blend well with the gift bag.

I have just called Daiso IMM to check if they can get me stocks for the bag. It’s only $2.00 and there are 12 bags in it. So it’s only about $0.16 per bag. Cheap kan?

I need to get hold of about 33 packets of this. I’m trying hard to make sure all the bags are of the same colour. But if they don’t have stocks for the same colour, i guess i have to mix and match the colours. *cross fingers*

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Nak cari dulang.. Nak cari dulang.

I think by now, you would have known my tendency to DIY most of the wedding stuffs.
Tu pelamin kalau boleh DIY pun aku DIY agaknya. Tapi pasal Uncle Jais bikin confirm lagik lawa, takpe, kasi chance. muahaha.

So, the dulang hantaran tu pun, i was thinking of DIY-ing as well.

The boy’s mother intends to give me Yellow dulang. Yes, yellow. Ye saya, YELLOW!
Nak aku cakap apa lagi, walaupun Yellow is my least favourite colour. Tapi takpe, cool.
Tak nak gado pasal dulang. lol

I am still undecided what colour i wanna give the Boy. Tu ari ada ter-mention nak kasi dia Pink Dulang. Mata dia punya besar dia bukak. Wah wah.. dia kasi aku dulang kaler kuning boleh, aku kasi pink tak boleh!

Anyway, i knew i wanted the dulangs to have a white base. Tak kisah lah, white bakul ke, white tray ke, white styrofoam ke, janji white.

I wanted to rent only pasal kalau beli, lepas tu apa yang aku nak buat ngan dulang tu kan?
So bila part nak recce mana nak sewa dulang, balik2 dulang kaler silver and gold je ada. Punya lah susah nak carik dulang or bekas kaler putih.

Tapi aku persevere, kuatkan semangat (cheh cheh).

At last, i found it!

It’s made of those heavy-duty plastic, so according to the owner, it won’t bengkok or retak kalau aku letak barang kat atas. Should be ok lah. Bukan aku nak letak batu-bata ke apa kan.

The owner have about 22 pieces of these trays and guess how much it is?

Rental is at $2.50 per tray!
I took 10 trays so i only pay $22.50.

The security deposit is $2.00 per tray and it’s refundable once u return the trays to her.

So if you girls have not got your tray or tak tau mana nak rent, you can go to her website HERE

If you girls are still looking around for those Silver or Gold nya Dulang berkaki, this girl takde..
But i can recommend you another person who has it and she only rents it out at $3.00 per tray.
Cheap cheap! You can add her at Facebook HERE.

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Facebook Status

If there’s one thing that i can’t manage to convince the boy, it is go and open a Facebook Account. Punya lah susah nak suruh dia bukak tu account. Kutuk lah dia apa2, mati2 dia tak sign up for Facebook.

I always tell people, my boy is allergic to technology. He only checks his emails, MSN and Youtube.
No facebook, no twitter, no tumblr, not even a Flickr account!

Ni saja je aku bilang, pasal i came across these pictures which are oh so cute!

Cute kan?
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Decisions and choices

Things are definitely looking up so far.
We have confirmed our photographer, Chase Hasemi last Saturday after a not-so-short meetup with him and his wife.

Both the boy and me felt very comfortable with him and decided to just engage him for our wedding and pre-wedding shoots. I love that we both had that chemistry with him and could talk and crack jokes with him. He seems like an easy guy to work with so we are keeping our fingers crossed definitely.

Like i mentioned before, Photography is one of the things i really recce-ed for and prior to meeting Hasemi, i actually shortlisted a few of the photographers, some of which i met and did not have a connection with and some of them, i did not even have a chance to meet up with.

Knowing me, the boy told me not to meet too many people and just settle with the one whom we have chemistry instantly cos he knew, the more people i meet, the more confused i get and the more fickle-minded i become. Yang seksa dia nanti pasal nak kena layankan aku nya what-ifs and all.

The same goes for the bridal house. I actually shortlisted Lyanaz Bridal and Weddingku Gallery. I met up with Lyanaz Bridal, liked Kak Yatee and confirmed on the spot. Tak sempat pun jumpa Kak Lynn from WKG.

Back to the Photographers, i have actually shortlisted TRQ Irfaan Photography, Anis from Innovazione and Studio 41 (Eyeris Studio).

Alas, we only managed to meet Irfaan & Hasemi. If only we could afford multiple photographers. lol. Machiam paparazzi. Tapi kang nanti mata aku plak sepet, asyik kena flash je.

Hasemi was great right from the start. He was willing to listen to our ideas and explore it and gave out some good pointers that we should take note of. We arranged for our Pre-Wedding shoots to be taken in July, just before Ramadhan so that I would have ample time time to design our Wedding Cards.

Talking about Wedding Cards, i don’t even know how i wanna have mine. Each time, when i do it for my clients, i can throw off ideas to them to get their ideal wedding card designs. But bila part aku, satu benda pun aku tak tau apa nak bikin. I only know that i wanna DIY part of it. Of course not the printing part. But i will most definitely have ribbons on it etc to set it apart from the ones i did for my clients. I probably would take the longest time to design mine cos i can be so anal sometimes. But that’s the fun part isn’t it?

I would also DIY my own Sticker Labels for the favors, the labels for the food etc and I am thinking of what i can DIY for each Guest tables to add our personal touch.

Yesterday, we met with Uncle Jais as well for our deco. I have told the boy numerous times to take a look at their multiply site to get an idea of how the deco’s gonna look like tapi pasal dia busy macam Menteri nak pi election, sampai kita jumpa Uncle Jais pun, he still don’t know how his works looks like.

So imagine his surprise when Uncle Jais showed him an album of his works. Muka dia mcm Menteri baru menang election. He went “woooooahhh!!!!” at every flip of the album.
Buat malu aku je. Kejap2 tanya “betul b, dekni charge $1580? betul??” haha.

Right there, i knew we made a good choice. We chose Baby Pink with a touch of cream and black. I am still contemplating whether to let him have the black chair covers. Sedapkan hati bakal laki ler. Kesian pulak black yang dia suka amat tu setakat setotet net je.
Maybe kasi chance ah kat dia.

Uncle Jais pun best. Such a nice person whom you know, does this for passion and not for money only. I told him of my requests, nak add ni, nak add tu, macam2 lah aku nya request all at no additional charges. Yay!

Up to this point, i’m blessed. It has been pretty much easy and straight forward so far.
Let’s just hope it stay this way!

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Doing it myself.

I consider myself a creative person. I am considerably good with crafts and other hands-on project.

So it does not comes as a surprise to my Family & friends when itold them i wanna DIY most of my wedding stuffs.

One – because it is cost-friendly (ni paling important)
Two – because it will hold a certain sentimental value to me
Three – because i enjoy doing it. It gives me a kick when i manage to DIY anything successfully.

So far, i have managed to DIY my Cake Stand.

Next, i’m gonna DIY my favors.

I went to Phoon Huat yesterday to look for Baking Materials. Yes, mak nak try buat cupcake.
Kalau senang, then boleh buat untuk Hantaran.

While looking around, i saw some white boxes. (will show you girls the boxes in details in another post pasal semalam lupa nak amik gambar box tu inside out)

I love the box cos it’s of the right size and it’s white inside out.

Yes, it’s not those Cake boxes yang luar white, dalam cardboard tu. It was selling at $1.25 for 5 pieces so i just got 1 set of it to show the mother and also to try testing how it would look like with ribbons.

Here’s how it looks like with ribbons. But, my ribbons for the favor box will be a lighter shade of Pink though. Ni kes pakai je ribbon apa yang ada untuk testing2.

I’m also gonna paste a Monogram Sticker at the sides.

What am i gonna put inside?

I’m gonna bake some cookies (which lots of friends love cos it taste like the Famous Amos ones – sumpah tak bedek! lol) and my mom is gonna have Egg & Pulut Kuning to accompany.

The cookies will be baked at least one month prior to the wedding and kept in air-tight container and then sealed in party bag to ensure dia tak lemau.

The Egg & Pulut Kuning, my mom say hari Jumaat boleh bikin..

As for the egg, i was thinking of doing the Lace Eggs that Sofia had during her wedding.
Cun-cun pulak she posted a link to Martha Stewart’s Lace Egg Tutorial.

It looks easy enough lah for me and 300 eggs are still manageable.

But i don’t know whether to dye the eggs in Red or Hot Pink!

Another DIY project will be the tempat Bunga Rampai that i have to give during Nikah.

I’m thinking of DIY-ing this cute little bottles with Black Lace and Pink Ribbons and stuff bunga rampai in it.

Guess where i got these little bottles from?

Hahahah yes! Brand’s Innershine. There’s six bottles per box and i reckon i will have lotsa spare bottles which i can use for other DIY stuffs.

I have not start the DIY process for this yet. Will update you gals when i think of something!

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The Cupcake Stand

If you follow me at Twitter, you would figure out what i was up to the last two days.

I first went over to Phoon Huat at Bencoolen Street to get some Cake Boards.

I then hopped over to Arab Street to get some ribbons, cloths and Lace.

Kin Soon at Arab Street is awesome. Buat orang mengeram je kat sana. There’s just too many shades to pick from that you are spoilt for choice.

I spent close to half an hour by myself trying to pick out one colour. Last2 beli dua roll je.
Cos I just wanted to wrap that Cake Board.

I initially wanted to get this Pink but because my cupcakes will be in Light Pink, i figured kalau amik Shocking Pink ribbons baru contrast kan. So Pink yang ni kena lah kensel.

Ni macam peh banyak ribbon, kalau keluar tangan kosong jugak, tak tau aku nak cakap apa.

My loot from Arab Street! Cake Board yang paling besar kat bawah tu 14 inch je. Nak carik 18 inch nya tapi tak dapat. So i probably will source it out somewhere.

The three Cakeboards + Cupcakes cost me $21.00
I beli that cupcake nya cups pasal nak gauge how many cupcakes i need to order.

The ribbon is $5.25 per roll. Satu roll tu 25 yards.
Then kain Lace tu is $8/- per meter. Tu pun lepas dah bargain + kenyit mata kat apek tu.
That is the cheapest sey. Kedai yang lain (Alibaba, Aladdin, entah kedai apa2 tah lagi) semua quote me between $16-$22 per metre.

But pasal kain dorang lembut ah sket. Then ada glitter2 sket.
Tapi nak kain lembut pun buat pe kan, not as if nak pi buat baju. So i settled for the cheapest one. Asalkan nampak the lace and nettings sudah.

The end result of the Cake Boards!

It was not that difficult actually. It just takes a lot of gluing and i really mean a lot of gluing! So must make sure the glue you’re gonna buy is suitable for fabrics and papers.

I have done a mock up of the Cake Board and it looks gorgeous!! Especially with the lace on.

Oh, kertas cantik tu i buy from Made With Love, this scrapbooking store at Plaza Singapura, tingkat tiga, depan escalator. Yang tu pun boleh rambang mata. So, jagalah diri dan pocket bila pergi sana.

Now, you’ll probably be wondering, apa kebendanya sampai cupcake stand pun aku nak DIY?

As much i would love to have a Wedding Cake / Cupcakes on my wedding, I could not believe the amount i have to pay for a cake to stand so proudly for six hours!

Most of the quotations i got was at least $400 for a two-tier Wedding Cake and Cupcake.
That is inclusive of the Delivery and setup charges.

Seriously, $400 can get me a small sofa you know, and that can definitely last more than 6 months at the new home as compared to a Cake.

I initially wanted to go without a Cake. But the boy wanted a Cake-cutting ceremony. I know right, orang lain nya tunang entah perasan ke tak ada Cake kat wedding dorang. Tunang aku sibuk nak potong cake!

So, we shall have cake then.

Kalau nak DIY cake sendiri, confirm tak menjadi. Baik takde cake dari ada cake yang tak senonoh.

So i figured cupcakes can be easily bought and it is so much cheaper. Then i was looking around for Cupcake Stand when i chanced upon ”How to make a cupcake stand”.

That’s how i know i can actually make my own cupcake stand which i could personalize.

Remember, i bought a cupcake cup (6cm diameter) which is commonly used by all bakeries.
I lay them on the cupcake stand and calculated how many cupcakes i need and it turns out i only need 30 cupcakes on the stand!!

My Little Cuppies quoted me $1.80 per piece for the cupcakes so technically i have to pay $54.00 only for the cupcakes. But 30 pieces seems a bit too little so i will be ordering 36 pieces of Mini Cuppies ($0.80 each) which is half the size of the normal cupcakes. I will then place all the 36 mini cuppies all over the table (rapatkan saf) lol.

So, technically, i only spend $83.00 on the cupcakes. So cheap kan!

There you go, one more way of saving $$ for your wedding.