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These bantals are not for sleeping.

Remember my post about the white dulang hantaran i’ve managed to secure? Now this is why i wanted a Dulang berkaki, but pasal aku cerewet tak nak silver/gold, kena lah cari merata singapore.

I was browsing a few Malaysian nya wedding blog (I heart them seriously!, budak2 tu semua pro-diy.), and i came across a lot of them trying to DIY bantal hantaran. I had always wanted Fresh Flowers for my Hantaran, cuma tak tau aku ada time ke tak nak gi Thomson beli Fresh Flowers and i was scared it would cost me a bomb.

The idea is to make your own bantal (stuff it with the kekabu and what-nots) and then decorate the hantaran using Fresh flowers and the Oasis sponge.

Ideally, the kain, jangan pakai satin pasal dia licin sangat and takut nanti susah pulak nak handle benda tu. So far, yang aku tengok, tak yah jahit, just glue everything together. Bagus jugak lah, pasal kalau nak harapkan aku jahit bantal, sampai kahwin pun benda tu tak siap.

For the fillings of the bantal pulak, maybe jangan cari yang original punya bulu, pasal tu mahal. Maybe kena cari those synthetic nya. Alah, asalkan at the end of the day, bantal tu gebu2 lah.

Semalam i tried to call Far East Flora (Thomson) to get their pricelist for the Fresh Flowers. The lady said ni harga semalam lah pasal harga bunga turun naik (macam stock pulak).

I love Rose, Carnations & Gerbera the most so i only got those flower nya pricelist but if you are interested in other flowers, can just call their Fresh-cut department at 6251 5151
So far, this is the price she gave me lah.

China – 20 stalks at $13.00 | Malaysia – 20 stalks at $8.00
I know, u be thinking, “aik?? apasal Rose China lagi mahal? Selalu made in China lagi murah pe..”
The difference is actually Rose China lagi lawa. Dia nya tips is pointed, while Malaysia is rounded.
China punya pun kalau kembang, besar and lawa sangat… So kalau you all nya bf or husband kasi you all Rose, pi tanya dia beli yang China nya ke or Malaysia nya ok.

20 stalks at $7.50
I love carnations (especially pink ones cos of it’s pom-pom effects)

10 Stalks at $3.50.
Gerberas always make me happy cos of the bright colours.

Baby breaths:
Big Bundle at $23.00 | Half bundle at $10.00
Yang ni, mesti beli. I feel that it adds a very nice touch to the flowers.

Oasis Sponge:
1 box of 20 pieces at $17.00
This is not the normal green sponge that you all cucuk bunga plastic tu. This sponge is specifically good for you to rendam dalam air and baru cucuk fresh flowers so that your flowers taklah mati siang sangat.

They said delivery is Free kalau kita order more than $30.00 but i suggest you go down to Thomson, pick the flowers you want and then order and get them to deliver nearer to your date lagi bagus then just calling in to place your order.

You can try looking for Betty, such a patient lady, she helped me answer most of my questions =)

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