Thank you for still coming by to read my ramblings.

I have decided to switch to WordPress so that i can blog on the go. I don’t know why, but B/l/o/g/g/e/r  is being very very irritating lately.

The pictures i upload couldn’t be dragged and the html is driving me crazy sometimes.

You will still see the old posts as i have imported everything from the old blog.

The only difference is, there would be no chatbox at the sides.
It’s a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing is, no more spammers. God knows how i hate those people who spam chatboxes. Selagi boleh spam, selagi tu ler dia nak spam.

Bad thing is, you guys won’t be able to leave any comments or questions at the chatboxes. However, there’s always the comment box and i would love to hear from you people, still!

Why the change of name? I figured it is best that i don’t keep this as a strictly-wedding-blog only cos it has been great getting to know some of my readers and some of you sweet ones who email me just to say Hello and stuffs like that, really really sweet!

Changing the blogname would also ensure i keep on updating this blog even after the wedding! lol

Till the next entry!


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