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The Cookie Favor Bags.

Guess what i picked up during lunch?

Cookie Favor Bags from Daiso!

I was all restless yesterday cos the lady from Daiso whom i was liasing with, said that there are no more stocks island-wide. I only asked for 33 packets actually.

I was about to give up yesterday, sedih macam nak apa.
Kept thinking of where i can get pink cookie bags in these sizes.

Today, just before lunch, the lady called me to say there were some stocks that came in. 35 packets to be precise. Happppppy sangat!! Terus mood nak buat kerja hilang, macam nak rush je gi Daiso. lol

So, i picked up these babies when i went to IMM for my lunch just.
Mad happy. I only spend $66 on these bags which total up to 396 bags.

These bags are only for my side-nya favors since the boy nya mum will be doing her own favors. Technically, i only need 300pcs of it but i wanted to do more just in case either side tak cukup berkat.

So, favor bags all settled!

See what i baked last Saturday!

The cookies that i’m gonna bake for my Favors!

This was just a trial-run as it has been quite sometime since i baked them and thank God, i can whip them out perfectly.

I gave them to my Family members and the boy’s bandmates to try. They love it!!
So yeah, baking of all these cookies will start in August and i will store them in the Biscuit Tins that i have at home.

The only thing pending for my Favor Bags would be the Plastic Bag inserts for me to pack my biscuits in before i pack them in the Favor bags, the stickers i’m gonna paste on the Plastic Inserts and the DIY Tags im gonna staple on the Favor Bags.

I can’t wait to finish this project!

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