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The Cupcake Stand

If you follow me at Twitter, you would figure out what i was up to the last two days.

I first went over to Phoon Huat at Bencoolen Street to get some Cake Boards.

I then hopped over to Arab Street to get some ribbons, cloths and Lace.

Kin Soon at Arab Street is awesome. Buat orang mengeram je kat sana. There’s just too many shades to pick from that you are spoilt for choice.

I spent close to half an hour by myself trying to pick out one colour. Last2 beli dua roll je.
Cos I just wanted to wrap that Cake Board.

I initially wanted to get this Pink but because my cupcakes will be in Light Pink, i figured kalau amik Shocking Pink ribbons baru contrast kan. So Pink yang ni kena lah kensel.

Ni macam peh banyak ribbon, kalau keluar tangan kosong jugak, tak tau aku nak cakap apa.

My loot from Arab Street! Cake Board yang paling besar kat bawah tu 14 inch je. Nak carik 18 inch nya tapi tak dapat. So i probably will source it out somewhere.

The three Cakeboards + Cupcakes cost me $21.00
I beli that cupcake nya cups pasal nak gauge how many cupcakes i need to order.

The ribbon is $5.25 per roll. Satu roll tu 25 yards.
Then kain Lace tu is $8/- per meter. Tu pun lepas dah bargain + kenyit mata kat apek tu.
That is the cheapest sey. Kedai yang lain (Alibaba, Aladdin, entah kedai apa2 tah lagi) semua quote me between $16-$22 per metre.

But pasal kain dorang lembut ah sket. Then ada glitter2 sket.
Tapi nak kain lembut pun buat pe kan, not as if nak pi buat baju. So i settled for the cheapest one. Asalkan nampak the lace and nettings sudah.

The end result of the Cake Boards!

It was not that difficult actually. It just takes a lot of gluing and i really mean a lot of gluing! So must make sure the glue you’re gonna buy is suitable for fabrics and papers.

I have done a mock up of the Cake Board and it looks gorgeous!! Especially with the lace on.

Oh, kertas cantik tu i buy from Made With Love, this scrapbooking store at Plaza Singapura, tingkat tiga, depan escalator. Yang tu pun boleh rambang mata. So, jagalah diri dan pocket bila pergi sana.

Now, you’ll probably be wondering, apa kebendanya sampai cupcake stand pun aku nak DIY?

As much i would love to have a Wedding Cake / Cupcakes on my wedding, I could not believe the amount i have to pay for a cake to stand so proudly for six hours!

Most of the quotations i got was at least $400 for a two-tier Wedding Cake and Cupcake.
That is inclusive of the Delivery and setup charges.

Seriously, $400 can get me a small sofa you know, and that can definitely last more than 6 months at the new home as compared to a Cake.

I initially wanted to go without a Cake. But the boy wanted a Cake-cutting ceremony. I know right, orang lain nya tunang entah perasan ke tak ada Cake kat wedding dorang. Tunang aku sibuk nak potong cake!

So, we shall have cake then.

Kalau nak DIY cake sendiri, confirm tak menjadi. Baik takde cake dari ada cake yang tak senonoh.

So i figured cupcakes can be easily bought and it is so much cheaper. Then i was looking around for Cupcake Stand when i chanced upon ”How to make a cupcake stand”.

That’s how i know i can actually make my own cupcake stand which i could personalize.

Remember, i bought a cupcake cup (6cm diameter) which is commonly used by all bakeries.
I lay them on the cupcake stand and calculated how many cupcakes i need and it turns out i only need 30 cupcakes on the stand!!

My Little Cuppies quoted me $1.80 per piece for the cupcakes so technically i have to pay $54.00 only for the cupcakes. But 30 pieces seems a bit too little so i will be ordering 36 pieces of Mini Cuppies ($0.80 each) which is half the size of the normal cupcakes. I will then place all the 36 mini cuppies all over the table (rapatkan saf) lol.

So, technically, i only spend $83.00 on the cupcakes. So cheap kan!

There you go, one more way of saving $$ for your wedding.

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