Musings of a Bride

Chop Chop

Just a quick since i have been missing for almost a week.

Our progress are quite slow to be honest. I still have not booked my Photographer because i am still comparing their portfolios and pricings. I have shortlisted a few i really, really like though.

Tomorrow im gonna go and meet the Khemah guy, so one more down.

I might scheduling a videographer this week and a photographer next week.

Oh, itinerary pun da bikin. You know, last time i always chase my boy’s clients for their itinerary. Apalah susah sangat bikin itinerary, lambat sgt nak submit.

Now that i’m the one who has to do it, i finally understands why it is so hard to schedule nicely.

Stress aku buat itinerary tu.
Aku rasa buat itinerary holiday lagik senang.

Also, while discussing abt the wedding, the boy’s mother requested to ask for Portable toilet yg ada seat because dia tak nak menyangkong. *slaps forehead*


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