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Doing it myself.

I consider myself a creative person. I am considerably good with crafts and other hands-on project.

So it does not comes as a surprise to my Family & friends when itold them i wanna DIY most of my wedding stuffs.

One – because it is cost-friendly (ni paling important)
Two – because it will hold a certain sentimental value to me
Three – because i enjoy doing it. It gives me a kick when i manage to DIY anything successfully.

So far, i have managed to DIY my Cake Stand.

Next, i’m gonna DIY my favors.

I went to Phoon Huat yesterday to look for Baking Materials. Yes, mak nak try buat cupcake.
Kalau senang, then boleh buat untuk Hantaran.

While looking around, i saw some white boxes. (will show you girls the boxes in details in another post pasal semalam lupa nak amik gambar box tu inside out)

I love the box cos it’s of the right size and it’s white inside out.

Yes, it’s not those Cake boxes yang luar white, dalam cardboard tu. It was selling at $1.25 for 5 pieces so i just got 1 set of it to show the mother and also to try testing how it would look like with ribbons.

Here’s how it looks like with ribbons. But, my ribbons for the favor box will be a lighter shade of Pink though. Ni kes pakai je ribbon apa yang ada untuk testing2.

I’m also gonna paste a Monogram Sticker at the sides.

What am i gonna put inside?

I’m gonna bake some cookies (which lots of friends love cos it taste like the Famous Amos ones – sumpah tak bedek! lol) and my mom is gonna have Egg & Pulut Kuning to accompany.

The cookies will be baked at least one month prior to the wedding and kept in air-tight container and then sealed in party bag to ensure dia tak lemau.

The Egg & Pulut Kuning, my mom say hari Jumaat boleh bikin..

As for the egg, i was thinking of doing the Lace Eggs that Sofia had during her wedding.
Cun-cun pulak she posted a link to Martha Stewart’s Lace Egg Tutorial.

It looks easy enough lah for me and 300 eggs are still manageable.

But i don’t know whether to dye the eggs in Red or Hot Pink!

Another DIY project will be the tempat Bunga Rampai that i have to give during Nikah.

I’m thinking of DIY-ing this cute little bottles with Black Lace and Pink Ribbons and stuff bunga rampai in it.

Guess where i got these little bottles from?

Hahahah yes! Brand’s Innershine. There’s six bottles per box and i reckon i will have lotsa spare bottles which i can use for other DIY stuffs.

I have not start the DIY process for this yet. Will update you gals when i think of something!

2 thoughts on “Doing it myself.”

  1. WOW!! You're a designer? How awesome is that?? Hey and your DIY projects are super exciting can… Even your cupcake stand is sooo pretty! I cannot wait to see all your DIY projects so cepat-cepat habiskan please, hahaha! I'm sure your wedding will be soooooo lovely with all your handmade goodness!!

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