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The Photographer

In my previous post, i have mentioned about TRQ Irfaan whose works i admired and last saturday we had a chance to meet up with him to discuss on the possibilities.

While i truly do like his works (and i still do), i do not feel a connection with him. He is a bit shy (maybe because he has just started out and is not comfortable yet with meeting people). I was like that too, last time, so i totally understand.

Him being quite young is also a crucial factor. I believe he is still in his early 20’s. Like between 19 -20 years old? Cos when we asked how long has he been shooting, he mentioned 4 years back, since he was in Sec 3 (15 years old). So plus minus, 19 lah kan?

It was ok to talk to him, but i still don’t feel a connection with him.
Entahlah susah nak cakap apa. So even though his rates were reasonable, we had to let him go and go for another one.

After countless research for another Photographer, i think i might have found one.
His price is really reasonable and most importantly, i LOVE his works.

To be really honest, i think, his portfolio fits all my criteria for my wedding pictures.

He has this romantic feel to his pictures and his post-processing works are awesome!

His pictures kinda remind me of one of my all-time favourite Photographer, Sarah Yates
Not an exact one or even a duplicate lah but macam iras-iras gitu! lol

That person is Hasemi from Chase Hasemi Photography.
Go check out his works if you are free.

How did i get to know about him was quite stalk-ish actually. I hope he doesn’t read this. lol

I was actually googling for Malay Wedding Photographers, Singapore.
Then i got directed to Clubsnap and read the forums, then i got to know about Kliqueimages which is actually a Forum for Malay Photographers

Bila dah sampai kat Kliqueimages, surf lah the forum also, then i saw a posting by a username chasehasemi. I fell in love with the pictures he posted so i clicked on his profile, hoping that i can at least have his email address, to no avail.

So i went to google and search for Chasehasemi and voila, i saw that he has a FB account.

I immediately asked him for a quotation and was very pleased with his quotations.
Like seriously pleased that i cannot wait to meet him this Saturday to confirm his services. lol

I shall share with you guys some of the pictures i love from his portfolio.

I love all these classic pictures from him below. Very timeless.:

I love how this is so quirky + romantic at the same time.

The last three pictures are the ones that remind me of Sarah Yates.

So if you are still looking around for a Photographer for your Wedding or Pre-Wedding, you can get a quotation from him.

I asked him for his hourly rates only because i want a DVD copy of Hi-Res pictures only. I will tell you why in another post. 🙂

I’m a happy girl!

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