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Facebook Status

If there’s one thing that i can’t manage to convince the boy, it is go and open a Facebook Account. Punya lah susah nak suruh dia bukak tu account. Kutuk lah dia apa2, mati2 dia tak sign up for Facebook.

I always tell people, my boy is allergic to technology. He only checks his emails, MSN and Youtube.
No facebook, no twitter, no tumblr, not even a Flickr account!

Ni saja je aku bilang, pasal i came across these pictures which are oh so cute!

Cute kan?

2 thoughts on “Facebook Status”

  1. dee! my fiance says he recognizes you. baru di-add di facebook kan? hehe. speaking of which, that 'Adlan Khalidi is married to Nurulhuda Faris' fb status change is so cute la!

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