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The Pink Gift Bags

I work very near IMM and i go to IMM everyday for lunch.
So, naturally, i will try to go Daiso once every two days. Yes, i love that place that much.

Today, i saw something that nearly made me leap with joy.

Pink Polka-dot Gift Bags!!

There were two sizes available. One is Size S and the other one in Size M.
I bought both cos i don’t know which size would be ideal.

However, lepas dah bukak plastic tu and tenung lama2, i think i prefer Size S better.
Cute sangat and it is just nice for the Favor that i’m gonna give.

I like it cos it’s simple and sweet and because it has prints on it, i don’t need to much with the decoration of the bag.

This is how it looks like bila ada isi. It also comes with this transparent sticker to seal it.
But kalau nak biarkan kosong macam ni, boring pulak.

Kalau nak letak ribbon, takut sarat sangat, because the bag comes with prints and on the bag ada gambar ribbon.

So, while i was googling on ideas just now, i figured why not buat macam ni?

But instead of covering the whole bag edge with the label, i figure, it would be nicer to do it like this instead. So that the sides is till visible. I plan to do up the labels in Black and Pink so that it can blend well with the gift bag.

I have just called Daiso IMM to check if they can get me stocks for the bag. It’s only $2.00 and there are 12 bags in it. So it’s only about $0.16 per bag. Cheap kan?

I need to get hold of about 33 packets of this. I’m trying hard to make sure all the bags are of the same colour. But if they don’t have stocks for the same colour, i guess i have to mix and match the colours. *cross fingers*

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