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Say Mummy!

I’ve been trying so hard to make Nadya call me Mummy. To no avail. It’s always Mama-mama-mama. I mean i’ll give her A for effort ah but i won’t settle for Mama. Gotta be Mummy, honey.

So i’ve been saying Mummy-Mummy-Mummy repeatedly to her few weeks back and then she’s started calling me Bi instead. Until last week.
She called me Bubi. Which really really sounds like oink-oink obviously and she won’t stop calling me that!

The other day we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza and she wanted something from the display at the store and called out loud “Bubi!!!”. I swear the makcik in front of her looks so horrified! Mesti dia ingat aku ajar anak aku mencarut. I don’t know mana to sembunyikan muka aku seh.

From then on, each time Nadya calls me Bubi, i go “No… No..No.. it’s ok… Mama! Say Mama!” Kesian anak aku confused. Tak tau nak panggil mak dia apa.

Yes baby, Mama will do. Say Mamaaaaaaa.
Let’s forget the Bubi, shall we? Nanti dah besar sikit, i teach u again say Mummy ok.


2 thoughts on “Say Mummy!”

  1. I taught my son to call me Mimi at 1st cos he cant say Mummy. He will call me Mi.Then slowly he started calling me Mummy.

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