Enjoy your baby!

Having one of those tough day today. U either fight with your baby and try desperately to make her sleep. Or u fight with your husband because of your baby.

Either way it’s tiring.

And then i saw this article and all i wanna do now is wake Nadya up so i can play with her.
I am so so confused. I’m tired and i want to sleep but i can’t wait for morning to arrive so i can snuggle with her again.

12 ways to enjoy your baby right now. 

  1. Lay your baby on the bed and push your chin lightly on their chest. If they are of the giggling age, they love this.
  2. Let your spouse hold your baby and walk to the other side of the room. Your baby will take the proper perspective, so so tiny.
  3. Hold your baby to your chest with his cheek to your cheek. Close your eyes, and memorize his milky smell.
  4. When you hear the little pitter patter of feet (or knees and hands), close your eyes and listen closely. Soon it’ll be a thing of the past.
  5. Hold the baby on your hip and stand in front of the mirror. Marvel at the way you are made. Your hip won’t be a seat much longer.
  6. Put one of your baby’s shoes on the palm of your hand and hold it up. Chubby feet don’t last forever.
  7. Lie on your back and put your baby on your belly. Belly to belly time. It’s the perfect position for lots of kisses.
  8. With your baby in the seated position, put your hands around their rib cage and see if your thumbs touch. Feel those tiny ribs?
  9. Squeeze their cheeks. On both ends. Has skin ever felt so soft?
  10. Find a phrase just for you and your baby. When I feed my baby I always say, “Are you hungry? I made milky in my heart for you!” High Nausea, I know.
  11. Find where your baby is ticklish and have a tickle fest.
  12. Have a staring contest with your baby. Try looking into your baby’s eyes from a few inches away and not have a melted heart.

These days are hard. They are overwhelming. They are challenging. But most of all, they are short.

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