Nadya Raessa, Our Little Family


We managed to go out jalan-jalan last sunday. A full day outing instead of a “singgah sini jap after an errand”.

Started the day with Nadya’s private pool party! lol
It’s really private cos dia sorang je muat masuk pool tu anyway. She’s been taking the pool out so many times, i’m sure she really miss getting in it.


We had Mcdonald’s for brunch and i took a long shower, did my makeup, snapchatted the entire thing and she was still sleeping. If only she’s like this all the time.

2016-05-22 17.18.332016-05-22 17.25.31

Our OOTD! Nadya is back to wearing headbands!
We kinda snipped off her fringe cos it was poking in her hair eyes and now it’s too short and cos she’s got straight as a ruler hair, she really look like a boy lah. But then again, luckily she got straight hair! I grew up with wavy hair and hated it so much. hahaha.
When i was pregnant with her, i kept praying and hoping, she’ll get Rusly’s straight hair. I forgot to add that hopefully it’ll be all thick like Rusly’s as well. In the end she has Rusly straight hair with my fine hair texture. hahaha. ok lah fair enough. Eh panjang lebar pulak pasal rambut.

DSC064332016-05-22 17.04.13We went to the playground while Rusly go and fetch the car. As usual she loves the slides & the stairs. I think she just like climbing in general. Can climb all day err day.

2016-05-22 18.31.25-12016-05-22 18.31.06

We went to Wheelock to get Rusly’s crazy lens for his gig this weekend and then to Sephora ION! Weeeeeeee.

We were going around ION, trying to look for a place we can have our dinner but it was packed everywhere! So we moved away from town and i thought it’ll be a good time to go to Pasarbella Suntec and try Cajun on Wheels!


We got the Poseidon Bucket ($108.00) which serves 2-3.
It is quite ex but i love seafood so i find it worth it ah. Too bad the Sambal belacan sauce was out of stock so we chose the Salted Egg sauce which was nice but i really wish i had the Sambal Belacan one instead. Lol. Padahal tak pernah rasa sambal belacan sauce dia camana. Lol. Not sure if we’ll come back though! It’s really hard to get seats on weekend and not exactly baby friendly. I think there were only few baby chairs. Luckily we brought the stroller along.


We ended dinner quite late and i was feeling like a bad mom cos Nadya is still out & about so late at night but i saw this picture just now and i thought screw all bedtime rules. Nadya look so happy here. They grow up really fast and sleep is for the weak. Hahahhaah. ok i take that back. Nadya need to sleep cos i need to do work. Lol

I love weekends like this. Especially if it involves us three. ❤


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