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Mummy’s Day

Mother’s Day! Overrated for some people and I know some people will go “I don’t celebrate Mother’s Day. Everyday is Mother’s Day” and that is so damn cliche. When you’re a mum, even if you don’t want a full-on celebration, maybe a free pass of housework pun jadi lah. Seriously.

And also some who said “Why make a fuss over Mother’s Day when u don’t treat her nice / post pictures of her every other day?”

Kau dah lah perangai serupa Tanggang. Hari2 harap kan mak kau jaga makan pakai kau. Then cannot just take one day to celebrate & appreciate her meh? Facebook kau takde space ke nak letak 1 gambar of your mum for just one day?

And then those yang cakap Mother’s Day tu haram. I just don’t want to start, really.
So much angst over a Mother’s Day post eh? Hahahaha.

We spent Mother’s Day with dinner at Carousel, just the three of us! My little family. ❤


Also i think Nadya enjoyed stuffing herself silly! Took a video of her stuffing her little mouth with food.

I gave her mostly boiled prawns, steamed chicken from the chicken rice counter, steamed fish, some pastas, breads & even gave her a dessert treat!My daughter is so gagah.


I love the food from Carousel! Although i can no longer stuff myself as much as dulu. No idea why. So i took really small portions of everything.

2016-05-17 20.49.52

Carousel was really thoughtful to place a photobooth area for that day so we took the chance to take one and yes we’re the kind of people who hates wearing ridiculous wigs and holding up cheesy boards so we always end up taking boring pictures at photobooth. Hahahaha.

I had fun that day spending time with two people i really love and care for and here’s a video i uploaded on Instagram that i can recycle here. Hahahahaha


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