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Star Lights, Star Bright

I love weekends especially cos Rusly work office hours so once it’s friday, kita hooray2!

Our friday ritual is to go my mom’s place and i always dress Nadya up even though my mom’s place is only 10mins  drive away. lol

Too cute, i cannot! She’s at the stage where she can’t keep still so taking ootd is reaaallly hard work! But check out that side profile. lol

We didn’t have any errands to run last weekend, surprise, surprise. Cos we always have somewhere to go or something to do. So on Saturday, we spent most of the day just lepak-ing at home. Cos the weather was really nice & cool! By 6.00pm, we were out to Gardens by the Bay to bask in the Christmas festivities & the gorgeous lights.

It’s so beautiful, honestly. But man… the crowd!!!
I seriously rimas with all the people there. Wouldn’t mind so much if it’s locals everywhere. But nooooo… It’s orang-orang dorang dan segala makcik, nenek, atok, maid dia semua dia bawak. Kalau dia boleh bawak family doctor dia pun, dia bawak. Aku pulak yang macam tourist kat situ.

So anyway it started drizzling just before the 8.45pm show so we left the show halfway just in case it started to rain heavily.

2015-12-12 21.21.26

Ok ni feeling zaman muda2 dulu. Padahal anak dalam stroller, muka dah boring.

Anywayyyy, we were hungryyyy and since it was about 9+ when we left Gardens by the Bay, i thought it’ll be a good time to try The Ramen Stall since they are open till late.

The Ramen Stall
787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755
Tel: 6655 0800

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 5.00 pm – 6.00 am
Saturday, Sunday & P.H : 12.00 noon – 6.00 am

With my little makcik. Feel so bad for going waaaaay beyond her sleeping time, but it’s the weekends!

We ordered the following for dinner.

  • Volcano Ramen (Level 2) – It was so mild for me. Not as volcano-ish as i expected and the broth was ok-ok.
  • Grilled Squid – It was nicely seasoned & grilled.
  • Beef wrapped Enoki mushroom – The beef is nice but the enoki mushroom could use a little seasoning. It’s too thick & bland.
  • Salmon Sashimi – Yummy!
  • Fried Salmon Skin – Not as crispy as it should be.

We spent $104.00 for all these, so price is definitely a bit steep. I guess some people likes it but i don’t think i’ll return. Apart from the late operating hours, i don’t see any other pull factor to bring me back there.

Oh wells, we probably will just wait for the Japan trip to gorge on authentic jap food. Till then, will wait for another Halal Japanese restaurant to open in SG!


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