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Pancake & Play

So we tried Paddington House of Pancakes for the 1st time.
Currently, the only branch in Singapore is at City Square Mall and to be honest, i wasn’t really keen in trying it but since we had to go City Square Mall anyway, i thought why not?

We also thought a Pancake place would be quite good for lunch cos i can let Nadya have it as well. Nadya lovessss Pancake!

I ordered Oslo which is the Smoked Salmon one and Rusly ordered Monaco which is the one with the lamb shoulder. We ordered Blueberry Pancake Shortstack for Nadya. We ate the ice cream though. Lol

They were nice but we tasted nicer savory pancakes elsewhere but it’s still nice & worth the money! The portion is huge. The smoked salmon, i suspect they gave me half a pack of it. Lol There were too many! I got jelak after a while. The place is also kid-friendly. Ample space for a high seat. Not stuffy at all.

Would go back there again if i’m around the area but won’t specifically go to City Square Mall just to have this.

Paddington House Of Pancakes
180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall
Tel: 6612 9029

So anyway, the reason we went to City Square Mall was to let Nadya have her 1st Indoor Playground experience.

2015-12-13 15.54.35

I chanced upon The Petite Park while googling on Indoor playgrounds for infants. As we all know, most indoor playgrounds mostly target the toddlers / older kids with all those big slides etc. Nadya is mostly a crawler so i don’t wanna overwhelm her with those kind of indoor playground, just in case she gets stepped all over.

According to the website, The Petite Park is designed for children under 130 cm or (in most cases) children under 7 years of age. In fact most of the toys featured are quite Petite! Nadya was the youngest and the shortest. And of course the cutest but that’s just me being biased and shameless. Hahahaha.

She loves this station the most, spending the longest time here. I had to take her away cos eh eh baby, i pay so much, u play wooden blocks only? lol

I notice she likes the pretend play area. Like this masak-masak corner also and she has this liking for taking things out from a basket. She’ll take out the content one by one and then leave the scene and you’ll see me at the back putting back all the things in the basket. Hahahaha.
I kasi chance tau baby.Nanti dah besar u do like this, u kemas sendiri ok.

I brought her to the Bouncy Castle and she end up loving that too. Or maybe she likes it cos got friends. She loves company, this one!

2015-12-13 16.28.28

Hates the ball pit though. She cried bloody murder when i tried putting her in. I wanted to go into the ball pit so bad. But aiyah Nadya spoiler ah.

You know what’s surprising? She wasn’t that tired but we left before the 2 hours were up because Rusly & I got really tired running after her and all. Age is catching up seh.

2015-12-13 17.33.17

We then went to Toys R Us which is really a tempat puaka cos i wanna buy everything there. Really, mak dia yg melebih. But we got her.. surprise, surprise… wooden blocks! hahahaha

Ok we also got her a push-walker and then she end up walking on her own days after without the help of the walker! Thanks ah baby.
But now she pushes that walker macam nak gi racing kereta. Living the dangerous life, this one!

I love The Petite Park cos it’s targeted to the younger ones but the location is too far from us and i’ve recently found out that an indoor playground just opened very near home so maybe we’ll try that one soon!

I’ve signed her up for a trial class at My Gym. We’re waiting for them to get back to us when we can go for the trial! If she likes it, then we’ll get the package for her.

I personally think indoor playgrounds are quite fun for them. I’m all about keeping Nadya occupied and minimize the usage of gadgets as much as i can. Nadya is quite hyper  and really there’s just so much she can do at this age. But i’m not gonna be going indoor playground hopping all weekend though! I’m fine even if she’s just out socializing with people her age. Until the next play session!

The Petite Park
180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall
Tel: 6636 7267

Don’t forget to bring socks for baby & for yourself!

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