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Nadya’s First

We celebrated Nadya’s 1st Birthday on 16th January and i’ve been meaning to write about it but i’ve been busy clearing up artworks & admin stuff before we leave for our trip next week. So i’m squeezing in whatever i can!

Most of the stuff done for the birthday was DIY-ed by me. Because i’m the over-zealous mum. Think you figured that out already. Lol.

Will probably share in detail in another post what i DIY-ed and how. It’s cost-saving and fulfilling. But tiring!

We started setting up the place the night before, with help from my sisters and Wan.
We packed the favor bags etc, shifted the furnitures around, waited for the tables & chairs to arrive etc.

2016-01-17 12.28.38

DIY-ed by me. So nice to hear when people tell me they love the table set-up! I spent hours on the tutu skirting alone.. It’s at least 2.5 metres long. Phewwww.
Most of the deco & the glassware were bought through Taobao!

2016-01-17 12.33.00

The complete dessert table!

2016-01-16 16.14.09

Pretty pretty cake done by Tini from Ola Lola! This is so pretty, too pretty to cut eh. I gave Tini the freedom to do whatever she wants as long as it’s a Paddlepop Theme cos that’s the Birthday theme!

Ordered Cake Pops from Si Kidal Bakes. Meringue & Cookies from my SIL!
Everything was yummy and potong kaki. I think the kids had the most fun at the dessert table. So guilty for contributing to their sugar-rush. Lol

2016-01-17 13.33.57

Birthday girl making her appearance. I designed a print to go with the Paddlepop Theme and sent it for printing with Label of Love Studio. Tutu skirt from Taobao. So soft gila. I like it and Converse sneakers, so cute i cannot resist buying!

2016-01-17 12.15.37
Somehow, amidst all the mingling with guests and all, we kinda forgot to take a family picture! This is honestly the most decent picture we have together!

We also didn’t manage to take pictures with ALL our guests!! We even forgot to give some of them goodie bags. Hahaha. So tak senonoh seh.

2016-01-17 12.37.38

This playpen gotta be the most fun place ever for the kids. Even though it’s so small, they somehow managed to squeeze themselves in there. It’s so funnty cos most of the time, Nadya refuse to be locked in there and prefer roaming around the house instead but that day, she played with the other kakaks & abangs. Macam real only.

One with the birthday girl! Love her so so much! I know some peole say don’t bother with 1st Birthdays cos they don’t appreciate it but nadya was so happy that day! She was so smiley. No meltdowns and she played with the other kids. I think she felt a lil lonely after everyone left though. She kinda like the company. So kesian my baby, everyday tgk muka mak dia je. Sekali sekala ada friends datang rumah, macam so fun!

2016-01-16 22.04.40

She received lotsa presents! Be it toys, vouchers & cash. She was overwhelmed by all the gifts but we have no intention to open everything at once. Maybe 1 toy a month. So she gets to play everything and funny thing is, we received a lot of musical instrument toys for her. Hahahahaa. I must have told everybody i know, i want her to play music. Lolololol

It was tiring planning a party on your own, especially a DIY one but i figure this is a good time to celebrate her birthday and me surviving motherhood. So why not! We had fun and that’s all that matters!

But would we do another party for the next birthday? I don’t know mannnn..
Maybe we’ll wait till she start requesting for one.




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