Le Familia, The Travel Tales

Yogyakarta 2015

Day 1: 
Arrived Jogja in the afternoon and it was scorching hot. No haze though!
In fact the air was relatively clean. Cleaner than Bandung actually. Maybe cos traffic wasn’t as crazy as Bandung / Jakarta.

We didn’t arrange for any transport so we took an Airport Taxi (RP$70,000) to our hotel in Malioboro. We stayed in a Budget Hotel cos my family are the sort who won’t splurge on hotel stays and rather have the hotel super near to main town. So opposite me but kasi chance lah cos once a year anyway. Although i was cursing after the 1st night cos the hotel bed was so damn hard, my back hurts and they don’t have a cot so we had to squeeze Nadya in between. Ahhhhhh…

We didn’t do much during the 1st day. Ate lunch at Duta Minang (not nice), shopped at Malioboro (bought a lot of baju butterfly hahahaha) and then we took Nadya on her 1st Trishaw Ride and Horse Carriage Ride!

She was awake during the trishaw ride and seems curious at the passing traffic but she was asleep during the Horse Carriage ride.

Day 2: 
We took up a van + driver package (abhisekatour@gmail.com) and went to the Kraton, which is the Palace of Jogjakarta. I think we spent the most time there cos there’s just so many things to see and also cos we got an overzealous Kraton Tour guide.

We then had lunch very near to our next destination. Quite nice although i didn’t really get the restaurant’s name cos it was recommended by the driver. I also had my 1st taste of Kopi Luwak. Ahhh ok lah. Nothing too outstanding-ish ke apa.

2015-09-06 14.46.36

With all my little rascals ❤
My face so bulat, i cannot.

We head over to Prambanan Temple shortly after lunch.

The temples were nice but sadly, the surrounding area weren’t well-maintained. i don’t know if my expectations were too high cos it is after all part of the Unesco World Heritage site and tickets were at S$25.00.

But we had fun taking pictures against the very neutral background.

We walked all over Malioboro Street again, had dinner at one of the roadside stalls before going to Matahari and bought truckloads of Instant Coffee, Instant noodles and cheap toiletries back to SG because we’re cheapos. Hahahaha

2015-09-06 22.53.58

and i gotta pat Rusly’s back for babywearing Nadya most of the time during this trip. Not only did he babywear her in a rainbow baby carrier, he also had Hello Kitty balloon up his back cos Nadya was fixated to it . Nadya is currently going through separation anxiety. She needs to be with me all the time. So the only time i can get her and Rusly to be close to each other is through babywearing. They both love it. Thank God!

Day 3:
We visited the Borobudur and if i can only describe it on one word, Majestic.

It was really majestic. Really intricate carvings on huge black stone slabs.
Unlike Prabaman, the surrounding area for Borobudur was well-kept. The landscape is quite pretty! But… It was spoiled by too many peddlers pouncing on us the moment we got off the van till the entrance. They were really persistent.. Kept following us, shoving their wares in our face. Then i thought that was it, to get out of the area is a maze. It was really a long walk, just to get out of the place! To make it worst, the entire way out was full of peddlers again! We spent at least 30min just trying to get ourselves out. Not that we went the wrong way cos it was the only way out. They purposely made the way out as far as possible so we’ll walk through the rows and rows of peddlers and roadside stalls. It was very tiring.

Climbing up the Borobudur was quite challenging for the physically unfit people like us. Thankfully, Rusly was the one babywearing Nadya. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Pancit seh. Kaki dah macam jelly!
To make things worst, Rusly had Gout the last few days so his toes were swelling up. But we made it to the top, with Nadya! Woots!

Did i enjoy Yogyakarta?
The places of interest yes, but not much shopping was done as compared to my Bandung trips.

Would i go again?
Nope. Honestly once is enough. It was nice to see the Borobudur but not enough pull to bring me back to Yogya again.

Now next trip is KL (again!) next month. It’s my birthday trip to one of my favourite city evaaaaahhhh.

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