Motherhood, Nadya Raessa


Nadya’s going through some major separation anxiety right now. She cannot let me out of sight else she’ll cry her lungs out. I’m not kidding, it’s so loud i finally know what’s ear-piercing cry sounds like. 

It’s so kesian cos i know it’s normal and won’t go away that soon. She’ll still allow u to carry her, play with her and all but the moment she sees me walking away, she’ll scream.

I read up on how to control the situation and it seems that telling her where i’m going and then kiss her before i leave, seems to work sometimes. But at times tak work jugak.

Frirnds who are SAHM told me this period is tiring. Cos we’re the main caregivers and they won’t want anyone else and i gotta agree. It is so tiring. I lost patience few times and then i istigfar because Nadya tak paham apa2 seh.

I think motherhood either will make u a better or horrible person and i hope to be the former. 
Nadya won’t allow Rusly to carry her if i’m not around. Neither can my parents so i’m guessing we won’t be leaving her at their place as often as we used to.

I can’t even shower without her crying. So Rusly will carry her and let her watch me shower. What privacy you talking about? No such thing as privacy now. 

It’s endearing to know she only wants me. But nobody told me it’ll be so so hard. 

6 thoughts on “Anxiety”

  1. Zafran has separation anxiety too. i kluar bilik nk pergi kencing pun he will cry at times. Then when he plays at times he will start running to me going mummy mummy! And sits on my lap just to make sure im not going anywhere. When he sees me go into the toilet, he will run after and start crying when i close door. hang in there babe! I’ll usually just take it that he loves me too much. Hahahahaha

  2. sighs Shafa still has separation anxiety even now! when she wakes up in the morning and if i’m not there she starts crying. 😦 and it’s so tiring because sometimes i just want to give her tough love and say “NO you comfort yourself etc” and then she merajuk and dont want anyone to touch her. so dilemma i tell you!!

    all i can say is, it gets progressively better. at least now after she sees me and sits a while with me she will then go off and do her own things. but the part where you have to be in her line of sight every time is TIRINGGGGGGGGGGG

    sighs, takpe nanti i dah pindah BP kita bosan2 aje playdate okay!!! biar anak kita entertain each other!

    1. Yes i know the dilemma! I really have to stop everything i do just so i can hold her and all. It’s slightly better the last 2 days. I’m hoping it’s just a phase ah

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