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So last night after the trip to E’s place to meet the bloggirls and baby Danyal (in another post!), we went back to my parents place. 

I had the intention of leaving Nadya in their care while i go down to the shops and then see if she’ll cry. So we went down and i swear my heart was beating really fast. Too scared to hear her screams. I know i would be tempted to go up and scoop her up in my arms. But i read that if u plan to leave, just leave and don’t keep coming back to check on her cos it’ll makr it hard for baby and also my mom. 

So i told where i’m going, kissed her and told her i’ll back in a short while to meet her again and said goodbye.

I was half expecting a call from Mum 3minutes later to get my ass back up cos she’s crying but nope. So i walked towards the store. 

Still no calls after 15mins. I think we spent 30mins at the supermarket before heading home. My girl was playing with her aunties. She did let out a manja cry when she saw me though. But no meltdowns! 

So we tried again today. Rusly need to do some video recording with his 2nd band and i wanna go shop for stuff at Textile Centre and it’s so hazy i don’t wanna bring her outdoors for no reason.

Again, i did the same routine. It’s been 30mins. So far no calls yet. I’m really hoping it was just some beralih bulan thing she always do 1 week before her monthly birthday. Let’s hope it is! 

3 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. I left izan at my parents for dinner yst too! He was mencebik2 when i left and my mom told me he was irritable till he napped. Lepas bangun baru dah lupa kesah and start being himself again. So kesiannnn but we gotta leave them from time to time to establish some independence kan…

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