If you follow me on social media you would have noticed the hashtag #NadyaNomNomNom. That’s because my baby girl is already on solids!

We started her on solids since she turned 6mths. We let her taste food at 5.5 months just for the fun of it and she always look forward to tasting something!

And then i went searching for Baby 1st food recipes cos i was quite intent on feeding her fresh food. I think it’s just me being very guilty still for not being able to breastfeed her. So i die die want her to eat healthy food. I have nothing against Jar foods. I know of babies who do eat them and still grow healthy. But because time is on my side cos i’m WAHM and it is something that i can take better control of (unlike breastfeeding), then i shall do it for as long as i can!

I didn’t document her first food cos honestly it was pretty boring.
i started with one food at a time. Carrots / Apple / Pumpkin / Butternut Squash etc.

Because she was just starting out, i would do a batch of, say Pureed Carrots and then freeze them in ice cube trays. So each time it’s time to eat, i’ll just pop it out and heat them up before feeding it to her.

Trust me, don’t buy all those fancy schmancy food freezer cubes etc. They’ll just take up too much space in the fridge. Just buy ice cube trays from Daiso, they come with lids so it’s not exposed! Then once baby stop eating purees, at least u can just use them to freeze ice!

Then when she turned 7months and eating her purees well, i started giving her rice porridge, I eliminated cereals from the start cos i don’t find it necessary cos it’s all sugar & processed flour/rice.

From 7months onwards, the only grains i’ve fed her:

  • White Rice
  • Rolled Oats
  • Millets

I would love to try her on Quinoa and Baby Pasta soon!
She loves white rice but i notice each time she eats white rice, her stools are not as smooth. It’s harder than usual . So i try and let her eat rolled oats once a day and now her stools are normal. Smelly still, but normal. Hahahahaha.

P/s: You know you’re a mom when u start talking about stools like how it’s normal to tell people about your breakfast.

So why am i documenting all her makan adventures?

  1. Cos i want to keep track of what she eats. Just in case she had an allergy.
    My pregnancy brain is still there somewhere and sometimes i forget what i ate for yesterday’s lunch or did i even eat. So go figure.
  2. I tried looking around for Baby Recipes and to be honest, it’s all quite repetitive until they turn 1 when they start to eat lotsa other things, I don’t want Nadya to be a boring eater so i’m always trying to introduce her new food to eat and with the limited things she can eat, i try and mix & match so she don’t end up eating the same old puree again & again.
  3. I have so many mummy friends who are first time mums and i think they’re just as clueless as me! Sharing her food journey would definitely be useful for them and hopefully bu doing this, i can send the message across that making your own baby food is not that hard & not that time consuming!

How do i prepare her baby food?

When it was just puree, i use the baby blender. Luckily for me, i bought a cheap one! I think only $50.00+  cos Rina told me not to spend too much on baby blender cos they’ll outgrow it really fast. True enough, i stop using it that much after a month. Now i only use the blender part only. But when she starts eating lumpy food, definitely not using it anymore.

Currently i use an Electric Lunch Box to cook her porridge. Really easy cos i don’t have to watch the fire and also cos i can also cook my own food using the ELB. The ELB can be used to cook porridge / rice / soups or normal meals lah so i foresee myself using it till she’s bigger! Cos i’ve been using it to cook my own meals!

Anyway, i will draft another post, the food i’ve prepared for Nadya when she’s 7mths old. I will also have a tab at the top of my blog, documenting food i prepare for Nadya monthly so it’s easier for you to refer to according to age!

I hope it will somehow help and give you ideas on preparing your baby food.
Again, there’s no right or wrong. U can give jar foods or cereal if you want. I’m not judging. It’s your child after all.

But try not to give them food too young. 4 months is too young. Their stomach is not strong yet to digest food. Wait till 6months if you can. After all, your child have an entire lifetime to enjoy food!

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