Nadya Raessa

Separation Anxiety

Never thought i’ll say this but Nadya is finally having separation anxiety! lol.
I wanna shout Yay cos i finally feel like she needs me but it’s also so painful for both of us.

I think she finally understands that School = No Mummy.
She was so so good during the 1st three sessions and then she refused to go to school and would cry & scream during drop offs.

The last 2 session, she cried for a full 15mins. I was hesitant to leave so i lingered (out of her sight) at the lobby area. But hearing her cries & screams was so hard for me, i left. I felt so bad leaving her because i don’t want her to think i don’t care about her but if i don’t, she’ll end up being like some of the kids in there. Refusing to let go of their mum / maid and they sit in the class from start to finish and that kinda defeats the purpose of me wanting to put her in an independent class?


The last session was slightly better though. She cried at drop off but her favourite teacher swooped in and calmed her down. Her teacher gave me updates & pictures to show me she’s ok already and i felt so much better after that and at least she didn’t cry when i picked her up.

2017-07-14 20.45.182017-07-14 20.45.092017-07-14 20.44.582017-07-14 20.44.17

I think it’s just a phase she’s going through and i’m hoping it’ll get better soon! Apart from that, i think she really enjoys the activities in school and it’s all fun packed cos she’ll go home singing a new song and all. It’s so adorable!


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