Another Exhausted Mom.

Some people just don’t realize how tiring it is to stay at home & take care of your kids on your own full time. You see your kids 24/7. The moment u wake up & sleep, your entire day revolves around them.

I have no idea why people think SAHM shake leg at home because i think that’s one thing we can’t afford to do. You’re always needed somewhere to do something for your kid.

I’m not complaining though cos this is what i chose and though tiring, i find satisfaction in it. Just like how some people find satisfaction in acquiring a new contract at work etc.

My point is, we are all struggling as mothers. SAHMs are not perfect mummies just because we stay home & be with our kids 24/7 and it u’re a FTWM, don’t look down on SAHM macam we’re good for nothing and if you’re a SAHM, don’t judge a mom for wanting to work for her own money. You & me, we’re both struggling as mothers. Only difference is we have different sets of struggles. But they are struggles too.

I’m just exhausted today. From being a mom & being pregnant. Had to wake up earlier today to send & pick Nadya up from school & them clever me took the train instead of just Grab-bing home. I had to clean up the kitchen upon reaching home & then do the laundry after that. Settle Nadya’s lunch & then get her to clean up the mess she made with her toys. Getting her to clean up is more exhausting than cleaning it up myself but girl gotta learn to clean up after herself.

So yeah that’s why i’m ranting in this post and also because i chanced upon a FB post by a mummy saying she feels like people look down on her cos she’s a SAHM & surprisingly so many others can relate to her & it feels so sad. Why are people judging others on their life choices?

Why can’t people just mind their own business? So yeah that’s the whole gist of this post. K bye.

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