Our Little Family, The Travel Tales

Bali 2018

Finally writing about the Bali trip. I got really busy after the trip with all the sampul order & then Raya etc.

So we did a 1 week Bali trip in April and true to what I’ve previously planned, all we did was chill all day err day. I really really miss this trip cos we didn’t do much but spend lotsa time with the kids.


Raees was only 3mths old during this trip so most of the stuff in the luggage belongs to him & Nadya. We didn’t bring a stroller with us. We rented one from Balibabyhire. Apart from the stroller, we also hired a baby bathtub cos the resort do not have any. We also got the Mamypoko diapers from them cos they have the blue packaging ones that we use. I don’t like the Mamypoko yellow pack ones & most of the supermarkets there only stock the yellow packs. Would we recommend Balibabyhire? Absolutely yes!
They were quick to respond to all our queries, all the stuff came on time & it was clean!
We chose the Joie stroller & hated it though. We still prefer our Yoyo stroller & wish we brought it with us instead.

The flight was pretty uneventful. Raess slept through the whole time in the bassinet thru & fro, much to my delight cos I get to enjoy in-flight entertainment.. makan ice cream segala. Tau2 dah sampai.

We got the hotel to arrange airport pickup & we reached Montigo Resort in less than an hour. Check in was a breeze and we were greeted by a huge room & a huge bed. It could fit in a baby cot and we still have space to move around. The bathroom is also huge! Part ni Nadya suka.

Montigo is located at Seminyak and few doors away from Potato Head which is a plus cos each time we take the Gojek & they don’t know where’s Montigo, i’ll just say “oh dekata sama Potato Head!” Then they’ll immediately know where! There are also lots of small shops/convenience stores around the area so it’s not so secluded.

You know we initially wanted to book a Villa kan? Luckily we didn’t cos most of the Villas there are in secluded pathways etc yang case kalau dah malam takde lampu. It was scaryyyy. Lol.

I also think Villas would be too sunyi for a small family like us. Takde orang nak memeriahkan suasana melainkan u go with a huge group baru best i feel. But i guess to each her own lah kan.

2018-04-24 08.05.16-12018-04-24 08.02.532018-04-23 21.00.512018-04-23 21.00.47

I downloaded the Gojek app & ordered supper immediately.
2018-04-23 23.39.01.jpg

Not the best picture cos i was so hungry but we had Pepper Lunch for supper. Love love love the Gojek app! We ordered food most of the time when we were too lazy to head out for meals. Ordered snacks & bottles of drinking water for all of us. We also used the app to get car rides cos they’re pretty cheap! Delivery for food & groceries were pretty cheap too. Like $1 delivery charge gitu? Don’t think we can expect that kind of price when they launch Gojek here in Singapore lah kan. Petrol is dirt-cheap in Indonesia.

2018-04-24 15.31.212018-04-24 12.05.592018-04-24 12.06.402018-04-24 12.11.12

Swim! We did lotsa swimming for that entire week! It was Nadya’s favourite thing to do apart from the Kids Club!

2018-04-26 14.42.142018-05-03 13.54.00

We love the Kids Club! It was huge & they had different activities to do at every corner. I think Nadya went to the Kids Club almost every day. Dapat spend 30-45mins pun jadi.

The staff at the Kids Club were really friendly & accompanied Nadya and basically layankan budak kecik tu lah. They speak pretty good english cos Nadya couldn’t understand Bahasa Indonesia. HAHAHAHA. It was so funny when they tried to speak to her in Bahasa Indonesia & dia blur2. Macam bapak dia jugak.

Now…food! Love that there are more Halal options in Bali now compared to 5 years ago.


From top to bottom:
Holy Crab – we find it ok ok. Tasted nicer ones here in SG.
Holycow Steakhouse – Holy cow! This is nice & way better than I expected. We took the Wagyu Ribeye Steak and it was so so good & only $16.50! I can’t wait to eat this again when we go to Bandung with our parents end year.
Nalu Bowls – I love smoothie bowls & this one is nice!
The Halal Boys – Does not taste exactly like the Halal Guys we tasted in New York but very close. The white sauce is nice. The hot sauce is same2 kurangajar jugak,

Other than these we ate mostly fast food which we ordered from Gojek. Like Pepper Lunch, Yoshinoya (we ordered twice!!) & McDonalds (lol. Their Mcd tak best seh)

So yeah halal food choices in Bali is not bad actually now! Nak kena pandai cari je. If you’re on a look out for local food, look out for Warung Nasi Padang ok! Most of them are Muslim-owned. We also went to Bale Udang Mang Engking which was very touristy & food was underwhelming esp cos it was highly recommended. We just didn’t like it ah.

Apart from that, we also managed to squeeze in a family photoshoot! Here are some of my favourites!

Pak Deddy did an awesome job and I was so pleased with how the photos turned out. He gave us extra edited pictures & also all the unedited pictures. It was worth the money definitely!

We spent our last day in Bali at the beach & a final dip in the pool.

We truly enjoyed the trip & I actually look forward to heading back there again & would definitely choose Montigo Resorts again. The staff are so warm & super helpful. Made an effort to remember Nadya’s name & greeted her by name each time she passed by the front reception, which is so thoughtful. One of them gave Nadya a sundress & Nadya remembers k. Each time I take it out for her to wear, she’ll say “baju ni Uncle tu belikan.” Ingat pulak tu.

How’s travelling with two kids under 5?
Ok lah.. not so bad actually.. definitely kecoh but manageable… but the packing & unpacking tu, Ya Tuhan! Luckily we sent most of the clothes for laundry there!


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