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The Outdoor Experience

Yesterday was awesome! We went to Sentosa for our pre-wedding shoot and although i have to wake up really early to get ready etc, it is all worth it!

I woke up at 5.00am to get ready and the boy picked me up at 6.30am.
I decided to do my own makeup afterall cos i don’t know who would be willing to do an early morning makeup for me. lol

Everything was kept to a minimal. I didn’t even do much for my hair, just pinned a white flower pin at the side, which i got from New Look for only $3.90!

I wore a simple dress from Dorothy Perkins which i got the week before and that’s it!

However, we brought loads of props with us.

  • Pink Umbrella
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Picnic Basket
  • Balloons
  • Pinwheels
  • Hearts on sticks
  • Mat

Ok lah, not that many lah kan.

Our photographer, Hasemi is totally awesome! I only have great things to say about him. He is so easy for us to talk with, he has got great ideas + angles and he’s always suggesting poses for us (which we truly need). It was such a breeze working with him.

We started the shoot at 8.00am at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa. It started off great until we were walking on a grass patch and i accidentally fell into a hole, twisted and sprained my ankle. That was only 45mins into the shoot.

Hasemi and the boy panick-ed sekejap cos i couldn’t get up at first cos it was so painful. I knew confirm salah urat. But i didn’t wanna spoil the day, so step gung-ho, told them to just continue with the shoot. So i went on with the rest of the shoot with a sprained ankle which i tried to hide cos i didn’t want the boy to be worried. It was exceptionally painful when we were taking pictures at the beach and the pressure of trying to walk on wet sand. Sangat lah sakit.

At the end of the day, my ankle looks like this.

See that white powdery portion? That’s the swell. It’s even worse today.
I think i may need to go to the sinseh. bleargh.

Anyway, we spend most of the time looking in each other’s eye. (Which we don’t normally do, because i am shy like that) haha

And also because i will just burst out laughing, but yesterday was easy breezy for us. Ok lah, we did laughed a lot. But we made small little talks while gazing at each other, it made a whole lot more sweeter than laughable. *beams*

Hasemi must have been really excited / too free yesterday cos by 6pm, some of our pictures were already up on Facebook and he will be uploading few more by this week.

Will definitely be using some of the pics for our wedding invites, poster and other stationeries!

Here goes a few of our pictures. I wouldn’t be uploading all. Maybe after the wedding.

One of the first pictures he uploaded and currently my personal favourite.
I look like i’m in total bliss. Which i really am. 🙂

The props!

The picture that will never go to any of invites / posters/ stationeries because it’s too hot! hahaha

But we will blow this up and print as a poster and put it in our house.


This picture was taken few minutes after i sprained my leg.

Also one of my favourite!

Now, i can’t wait to get the CD from him. He showed us lotsa nice pictures from his camera that day.

Ohh.. he also mentioned few of you readers asked him for a quotation.
Some of you even mentioned they got to know of him through my blog.
Thank you for mentioning that, seriously! No, i did not get any commission or anything, but it sure feels nice to know some of my readers are also considering him!

Right after the photoshoot, we then went to Loyang Rise to choose our baju for the Big Day. I was expecting to stay there for like 2hours max lah considering my kaki dah start meragam.

But we stayed there for 3 hours! We managed to try on a few baju and see if they are nice for us etc. So happy we went on a weekday afternoon cos no-one was there and the mak andam let us try the baju cos if we were to come on weekday nights, we can only choose and not try. So yeah, kalau boleh, u go and choose baju when it’s not the peak hours! hehe

We chose our baju already and the next fitting will be on 3rd October!
Exciting sangat!

We took pictures of us wearing the baju but i’m not gonna post it though pasal nanti dah tak surprise. haha

After the whole choose baju thing, we wnat back to ur place to meet the flooring guy to choose our colours!

They’ll be delivering the floorings tomorrow afternoon and fix it on Friday. It should be ready by Saturday!

best sekali!

Will update you guys on the flooring soonish!

Our Shoebox

My First 2D


This is what i was doing the whole day in the office. The 2D drawing of the house and it’s proposed arrangement of the furniture. I will try do a 3D next! Sungguh aku free tapi step busy.

Not much updates on the wedding preps for this month. This month is all about the house. Rumah tu tak abis2 bersihkan. I’ve been telling my friends that my kitchen and living room are kinda small, tapi bila dah kena cuci satu rumah, haaaah amik kau. Besar jugak rumah ni! Sakit pinggang, sakit kepala semua lah kuar.

July would be an exciting month for the wedding department though. First would be our Outdoor Shoot! Suka!
Then on the same day would be our 1st selection of our bridal outfits. Lagi suka!

The photographer was suggesting that we take few shots of us in the bare new home. We are still thinking though if we should.

It is four months away from our Big Day and i am so freaking out. Bleargh.

Our Shoebox

The Home

Ok, as promised, more pictures of the house and a clearer view of it since i used the camera this time round.

Last saturday, me and the boy semangat cuci dapur, cuci toilet, pasang lampu.
Sumpah penat macam lari marathon.

My arms were aching that evening from all the scrubbing i had to do to remove all those dusty stains on the floorings.

Tapi bila dah nampak lantai kilat macam gelang makcik tingkat atas, waaaaaaahhh happynya! Macam nak rolling-rolling je.

and oh, i finally get to meet the next door neighbour.

At first i thought my neighbours are gonna be some old retired couple with grown-up kids our age.

Look at the exterior of their house and you’ll know what i mean.

But it turns out to be a relatively young couple lah. About late 30s to early 40s gitu and they have 2 sons which i believe baru nak masok NS those kind of age.

Terperanjat bila dorang came over to say hello. But it was so nice of them to do so and they look so friendly. Selamat aku.

We also managed to korek some history of the house from them since we are at it. haha

Turns out, the house was previously owned by a young Malay couple with no children. Dua2 malas nak kerja, api air tak tau berapa banyak kali kena potong, dah dua2 tak kerja, takde duit lah nak bayar duit rumah, so HDB tarik balik the house and the house has been vacant for about 2-3 years already.

Most importantly, he said not to worry, so far belom ada loansharks cases etc. haha

Dengar part tu je dah happy.

Ok sorry cerita meleret. Nak tunjuk gambar rumah dari tadi tak tunjuk2.

Here goes:

Living Room:

This is where our TV and Sofa are gonna be. The view from the dining area.
We will be running the TV Cables from the other side of the room to this side instead. HDB punya designs kekadang menyakitkan hati. Siapalah nak pergi letak TV and sofa betul2 depan pintu?

Living room and Entrance to the kitchen. View from the Front Door.

The dining area. View from the Front door.

The living room and Dining Area. View from the TV & Sofa area.

View of the Living Room from the Kitchen door.
That’s the TV Cable Point. Betul2 sebelah window kecik tu. If i were to put the TV there, then takkan sofa tengah2 rumah kan. haha

Entertainment Room:

View from the door.

View from the window.

The wall that’s gonna be Pink. Hopefully.

Hotel 81 Guest Room

View from the door.

View from the window area.

Master Bedroom:

View from the door.

View from the window area.

Side views of the Master Bedroom.


Where we’ll be putting our cabinets. The cooking and washing area.
We have found a Carpenter who can build our kitchen at a very very competitive price. So far he quoted us the lowest price but we have yet to meet up with him and get the final quotation.

We have also also not decided the colour of our cabinets. Could be either White or Grey. 🙂

The other side of the kitchen. I know this space is bigger and much much suitable for cooking and washing. However, there is no drainhole at that area and if i were to cook there, it’ll be kinda stuffy.

The cleaned kitchen. I still have to clean it some more ngan stain remover. I don’t know why, even though the kitchen is newly-renovated by HDB, rasa mcm tak fresh gitu. haha. Nak aje aku acid wash satu dapur.

Service Balcony:

Nampak tak betapa berhabuk nya flooring tu.


Lepas dah cuci the floor. Mau aku scrub flooring tu macam maid.
Penat tau. and oh.. washing machine dah sampai! hahaha
We got the washing Machine during Best Denki Mother’s Day Sale. We got it at a very good price and i love love the shape!

Toilet yang dah di-scrub macam nak gila! Ni pun macam nak crub lagi tengah2 tile tu. Nak beli stain remover yang terhandal di market. hmmph.

Nampak tu baldi pink? The first pink household item yo!
The boy gave up. Dia sampai tolong aku look out for pink household stuffs pun ada.

Sampai je kedai hardware, member cakap
“ahh tu baldi pink, penyapu pink, mop pink. Gi lah beli.. ”

Thanks B!  :))

Ok, itu aje cerita rumah kali ni. We are in the midst of buying lightings for the house and kita dah sign up a contractor to do up the grilles for us.

The grilles and the floorings will be done once we are done with the house paintings which i hope could be done by this month. Tapi nampak macam tak boleh je, pasal the boy will be busy with wedding performances in June.  sigh.

This week, we’ll be cleaning the other parts of the house and as much as i hate cleaning, it sure feels different to do it to at your own place! hehe

Our Shoebox

Guess what i have been busy with?

Our new home of course!

I can’t tell you guys how tired am i nowadays. I been to Tradehub 21, SG Expo, Sungei Kadut, IKEA umpteen times.

I have been scouring the net for tips and contacts of Contractors i can use.

So far, we managed to get our Bedroom Set from Nova. It was love at 1st sight for me and him. Paling suka the dresser table. Pasal ada banyak storage place. Bole simpan my makeup yang melambak2 tu.

We also got a Washing Machine from Best Denki during the Mother’s Day Sale. I feel so auntie buying a washing machine. Haha

One of our close friend got us a 32″ LCD TV recently as a wedding gift. Such a nice surprise! Lol

Now we are gonna get some basic lightings first, get our paints and the grilles done for the living room.

The electricity and water are already available so i’ll probably start washing the kitchen etc 1st cos it’s sooooo dusty!

Some pictures i took right after we took our keys from HDB.

Member excited. Nampak sgt. Lol






This is where our TV set is gonna be.


Ni gambar sungguh tak perlu i know, but u should see the amount of junks we had in our letterbox!! Macam bukit! Haha

Ok, sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I was using my iphone. Will take a clearer picture on Saturday!

Our Shoebox

Like finally!

We have just got our keys. After many months of waiting!


Our appointment was scheduled at 10.10am this morning. We reached HDB at about 9.30am, got our Fire Insurance and then get our Q no.

We were called up in less than 5mins, even earlier than our appt time.

The HDB officer went thru a lot of the documents with us, from the loan, the grant etc and there were soooo many documents to sign. Like seriously banyak!

My signature daripada straight sampai senget2 sey.

But i am glad we have finally got the keys and we can now do our measurements for the kitchen etc.

It’s gonna be an exciting ride! 🙂

Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox

Hello Tok Kadi!

Finally managed to book our Kadi last night. Wanted Kadi Hassan Salim but i don’t know why, none of his dates are opened. Takkan nak call dia malam2 buta suruh open date kan.

It was a funny thing, last night. The boy was getting ready to sleep when i called him and freak out that i couldn’t get Kadi Hassan. Member dah blur when i told him of other options.

We only have 7 available kadi at that date and time that we wanted.
Kelam-kabut aku google muka kadi nak make sure that muka dorang tak garang.
Ada boleh jumpa, ada tak dapat. Ada kadi ada facebook, tapi tak nampak muka pasal dorang privatise dorang nya facebook. Terror gak dorang eh. lol

It was down to two Kadi, Mohd Khair Bin Rahmat and Mokson bin Mohari.
We could only find the picture of the latter and he looks friendly enough for me and because his name is unique, it might be easier for us to remember if people ask who our kadi was. lol

I couldn’t find Kadi Mohd Khair face on google and didn’t wanna take a risk. Takut kang nanti dia datang, muka garang, kesian tunang aku. haha

So we settled for Kadi Mokson Bin Mohari to be our official solemniser.
Yay! One more thing settled!

Now i can’t wait for the weekend to be over, get my keys and go to the Branch Office to get them to settle my flooring then to the Town Council to book my venue.

Everything is falling into place finally. 🙂

Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox


If you’re reading this, HELLO B!!!!!!!

Yes, the boy found out about my wedding blog and he read every single entry last Saturday.
It was funny the way he mention it to me and i couldn’t stop laughing about it the whole time he was telling me about the thing he read in here. lol

How he found out? He was googling Jentayu (yes budak ni tak malu. google band sendiri. lol) and he found me in the search list.

When i asked him how he feels about it, he told me he was dissapointed initially that he didn’t know about it but he thought it was so sweet when he read the “About Us” section. sappy betul tunang aku.

I did not delete any post and i don’t intend to privatise the blog. I want him to be part of the blog.

Ok, 6 mins to go until i apply for my solemnisation date online.
Yes, I’m doing this at midnight because i want Kadi Hassan Salim. I hope we get him!

And oh, HDB rescheduled 2nd appointment because they wanted to see a screenshot of my online ROM Application So we’ll only be getting the keys next monday. sigh.

Our Shoebox

My own set of keys!

Tadi pagi tangan gatal (lagi), gi check HDB page.

Guess what?

We can collect our keys in 2 weeks time!!! weeeeeeeeeeeee!!
It is exactly 4 months after our 1st appointment :))

However, i have got a workshop to handle on 18th May so i’ve just called HDB to reschedule within the week itself. Now waiting for them to call back and confirm.

I am mad happy and i can’t wait to get the house stuffs settled!

DIY Project, Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox

Tak lama lagi! Yahoooooo

Last week, i received a letter from HDB with regards to my AHG.
It’s approved! *happy dance*

We got a grant of $25,000. May not be as much as the $40,000 but still?
$25,000 is a big deal to us and probably can cover at least 1 year of HDB loan. i think lah.

This morning, tangan gatal, check CPF account and *ka-ching* the grant is already deposited into our CPF Account. 🙂

So now with our HLE and AHG approved, i excitedly called our HDB Officer to arrange for the deferment of our Marriage Certificate.

I’ve emailed her all the receipts this morning and hopefully everything is in order.
Will probably call and ‘hound’ them again later this week.

The customer service officer said i should be able to either:

  • receive the Appointment Letter and collect the keys by this month OR
  • receive the Appontment Letter late this month and collect my keys next month.

Either way, i’m fine with it. As long as i know everything is in order already.

I’m mad excited about this. I have been waiting for the house for so long and i can’t wait to build our love nest slowly. I know it’s not gonna be a smooth-sailing ride for sure. But Insyaallah, we’ll make it through.

I also managed to finish off 90% of my Bunga Rampai holder.
I’m gonna go over to Arab Street on Thursday and buy some small pearl beads to complete the look and i’ll show you guys k.

My next project will be the Bunga Pahar. I am thinking of DIY-ing it myself.
Details and pictures only if i manage to do a decent one.

If not, off to JB i go and buy the 50pcs for RM$30.00 one aje. lol

My bantal hantaran sampai sekarang macam gitu jugak, but my mom promised to help me with it, so i’m somehow safe.

As of today, i’m left with 164 days before the wedding and to be honest, i’m moving really really slow. lol

Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox

The Marriage Course

Oh, hello!

How long has it been since i last blogged? Been really busy with work and stuffs and couldn’t find time to blog.

I have just completed my Marriage Preparation Course by the way.

The class that i went to, was really really small. Only 5 couples.
While it was really mostly common sense topics, i particularly like the Finance topic covered by the Facilitator.

We were told to get in groups and given a scenario of a typical family and to list down the budget.

Oh my. Belanja rumah macam apa. Belanja untuk 2 kids je boleh dalam $500 – $800 per month.

The boy initially wanted 3 kids.  I wanted two.
After that discussion, i still insisted on two kids.
He still insist we should have at least three. God bless me.

Thank God the session was only 9.00am to 4.00pm only instead of 6.00pm as the cut the tea breaks short.

The boy and me had fun though, jotting down things we want for our family and how our vision is actually similar. Alhamdulilah.

Now, i can’t wait for 19th May cos we’ll be able to book our kadi on that day.

As for my other wedding DIY, i’ll probably start doing them actively in May since i’ll be clearing my leave on that month.

and oh.. on a random note, Great Singapore Sale starts on 27th May 2011!

I am still waiting patiently for HDB to approve our AHG. They are seriously getting on my nerves. They told me it will take one month, but it’s coming to two months already and still no news.

The reassuring part is, when i go to Forums, some of them are still waiting for their keys too.

I have got lotsa things to update actually. Will do so when i’m free! 🙂