Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox


If you’re reading this, HELLO B!!!!!!!

Yes, the boy found out about my wedding blog and he read every single entry last Saturday.
It was funny the way he mention it to me and i couldn’t stop laughing about it the whole time he was telling me about the thing he read in here. lol

How he found out? He was googling Jentayu (yes budak ni tak malu. google band sendiri. lol) and he found me in the search list.

When i asked him how he feels about it, he told me he was dissapointed initially that he didn’t know about it but he thought it was so sweet when he read the “About Us” section. sappy betul tunang aku.

I did not delete any post and i don’t intend to privatise the blog. I want him to be part of the blog.

Ok, 6 mins to go until i apply for my solemnisation date online.
Yes, I’m doing this at midnight because i want Kadi Hassan Salim. I hope we get him!

And oh, HDB rescheduled 2nd appointment because they wanted to see a screenshot of my online ROM Application So we’ll only be getting the keys next monday. sigh.

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