Musings of a Bride, Our Shoebox

Hello Tok Kadi!

Finally managed to book our Kadi last night. Wanted Kadi Hassan Salim but i don’t know why, none of his dates are opened. Takkan nak call dia malam2 buta suruh open date kan.

It was a funny thing, last night. The boy was getting ready to sleep when i called him and freak out that i couldn’t get Kadi Hassan. Member dah blur when i told him of other options.

We only have 7 available kadi at that date and time that we wanted.
Kelam-kabut aku google muka kadi nak make sure that muka dorang tak garang.
Ada boleh jumpa, ada tak dapat. Ada kadi ada facebook, tapi tak nampak muka pasal dorang privatise dorang nya facebook. Terror gak dorang eh. lol

It was down to two Kadi, Mohd Khair Bin Rahmat and Mokson bin Mohari.
We could only find the picture of the latter and he looks friendly enough for me and because his name is unique, it might be easier for us to remember if people ask who our kadi was. lol

I couldn’t find Kadi Mohd Khair face on google and didn’t wanna take a risk. Takut kang nanti dia datang, muka garang, kesian tunang aku. haha

So we settled for Kadi Mokson Bin Mohari to be our official solemniser.
Yay! One more thing settled!

Now i can’t wait for the weekend to be over, get my keys and go to the Branch Office to get them to settle my flooring then to the Town Council to book my venue.

Everything is falling into place finally. 🙂

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