Musings of a Bride

Burn Baby Burn

Just so u know i have abt 5mths to go before the wedding.

The boy and my MUA reminded me not to cut my hair after i found a picture of me last year and posted it on FB and said i’m tempted to cut my hair.


Yes, like this. Taklah pendek sangat kan but everyone freak out cos i have been quite impulsive with my hairstyle esp during hot weathers.

I hate it that my hair now looks so boring and macam kakak2. Lol

So no cutting of hair till Oct. Sigh.

Have i told u guys i got really tanned recently? I went to Sentosa with the boy and his friends lah the last long weekend.

That time macam mendung, tak panas terik sgt so i only apply sunblock nak tak nak je, swimming dari kul 11 sampai kul 4, when i got to the ladies i freaked out pasal muka da merah mcm udang and my arms ada this awful tan lines. Boring sgt.

Balik apply macam2 whitening cream. Dah start nak putih balik ah but my arms remain the same. Haha
Muka putih badan gelap. Tsk.

Then last weekend, Jentayu volunteered our services to Darul Ma’wa for their Maulidurrasul and guess what? The same thing happened again!

Last year, when we volunteered for Darul Ma’wa charity carnival, i came back with this.


This year, i came back with this:


Yes, terbakar kat tempat sama jugak.
Nape lah nasib cam kentang and I’m the only one who got burned! Tsk.

Ni pun ada hati nak gi Tioman in june. Luckily luxury tours cancel that trip cos no more rooms. Kalau tak, mak andam mesti bising muka belak belak.

No more swimming till october!
No cutting hair till october!
No unnecessary spending till october!
Entah apa lagik tah yang aku tak ley bikin till october!


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